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The latest news from Seahorses & Oysters

Man-made or natural

Year 2 had a fabulous morning in the nature area. They have been studying materials and today, we discussed differences between man-made and natural materials. The first activity was to describe materials whilst their partner was blindfolded. The blindfolded person had to guess what the material was. We introduced many new words to describe. Seahorses then tested the amount of water to sand to make the best sandcastle they could with interesting results.

IMG_1604.JPG IMG_1605.JPG IMG_1609.JPG IMG_1608.JPG IMG_1613.JPG IMG_1615.JPG IMG_1611.JPG IMG_1619.JPG IMG_1620.JPG IMG_1607.JPG IMG_1622.JPG IMG_1610.JPG IMG_1614.JPG IMG_1625.JPG IMG_1628.JPG IMG_1629.JPG IMG_1630.JPG IMG_1631.JPG IMG_1627.JPG IMG_1636.JPG IMG_1626.JPG IMG_1638.JPG IMG_1643.JPG IMG_1641.JPG IMG_1639.JPG IMG_1645.JPG IMG_1634.JPG IMG_1623.JPG IMG_1646.JPG IMG_1647.JPG IMG_1649.JPG IMG_1648.JPG IMG_1652.JPG IMG_1632.JPG IMG_1654.JPG IMG_1651.JPG IMG_1650.JPG IMG_1658.JPG IMG_1655.JPG IMG_1644.JPG IMG_1656.JPG IMG_1653.JPG

Paper Chains

The children in Seahorses are preparing for Christmas. They were making paper chains using strips of paper.

A group of children joined their paper chains together. We measured the length of their creation in the hall.Twelve children made the longest chain of 12m 30 cm. One child worked conscientiously on his own and created a chain 2m 40cm.

We then discussed which child had created more links in their chain.We worked out that 12 metres divided by 12 children meant that each child had created just over a metre, whereas one child had made a chain that was double that length.

IMG_1583.JPG IMG_1584.JPG IMG_1587.JPG IMG_1586.JPG

Spice Boxes

The children in Seahorses finished off their Judaism topic in Religious Education by learning about Shabbat - by making special spice boxes (this also linked to their maths learning about 3d shapes). They decorated a net of a cuboid with pictures of things they like to do with their families and some added family member names. The boxes were then constructed by the children so they can put special items in at home.

IMG_1562.JPG IMG_1566.JPG IMG_1564.JPG IMG_1572.JPG IMG_1574.JPG IMG_1561.JPG IMG_1563.JPG IMG_1565.JPG IMG_1571.JPG

Getting ready for battle!

Year 2 Seahorses had a great learning experience in their outside area on Thursday. They made suits of armour, axes and shields. They built a huge castle and defended it from attackers. They used collaborative play to demonstrate their learning.

IMG_1543.JPG IMG_1545.JPG IMG_1547.JPG IMG_1546.JPG IMG_1548.JPG IMG_1552.JPG IMG_1544.JPG IMG_1549.JPG IMG_E1542.JPG IMG_1124.JPG IMG_1131.JPG IMG_1127.JPG IMG_1126.JPG IMG_1129.JPG IMG_1123.JPG

Making Challah Bread

The children in Year 2 have been learning about Shabbat as part of their Judaism Topic in Religious Education and made their own version of Challah bread. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

IMG_1040.JPG IMG_1043.JPG IMG_1041.JPG IMG_1046.JPG IMG_1049.JPG IMG_1047.JPG IMG_1050.JPG IMG_1052.JPG IMG_1053.JPG IMG_1055.JPG IMG_1042.JPG IMG_1044.JPG IMG_1054.JPG IMG_1045.JPG IMG_1051.JPG IMG_1060.JPG IMG_1063.JPG IMG_1064.JPG IMG_1059.JPG IMG_1056.JPG IMG_1062.JPG IMG_1058.JPG IMG_1066.JPG IMG_1061.JPG IMG_1065.JPG IMG_1070.JPG IMG_1067.JPG IMG_1057.JPG IMG_1072.JPG IMG_1068.JPG IMG_1074.JPG IMG_1071.JPG IMG_1080.JPG IMG_1075.JPG IMG_1082.JPG IMG_1087.JPG IMG_1088.JPG IMG_1069.JPG IMG_1092.JPG IMG_1090.JPG IMG_1085.JPG IMG_1073.JPG IMG_1086.JPG IMG_1093.JPG IMG_1098.JPG IMG_1096.JPG

Seahorses communicating and collaborating, building and designing, teaching and learning alongside each other.

IMG_0529.JPG IMG_0530.JPG IMG_0546.JPG IMG_0550.JPG IMG_0549.JPG IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0545.JPG

Reading with our parents

IMG_0522.JPG IMG_0512.JPG IMG_0519.JPG IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0517.JPG IMG_0521.JPG IMG_0523.JPG IMG_0527.JPG

3D Shapes

Seahorses consolidated their 3d shape knowledge by going on a shape hunt outside in the playground. We found cylinders, cubes, cuboids, spheres and even a trianglular prism. Can you spot them in our pictures?

IMG_0560.JPG IMG_0562.JPG IMG_0565.JPG IMG_0563.JPG IMG_0561.JPG IMG_0559.JPG IMG_0570.JPG IMG_0568.JPG IMG_1022.JPG IMG_1024.JPG IMG_0557.JPG IMG_1031.JPG IMG_1032.JPG IMG_0567.JPG IMG_1039.JPG IMG_0571.JPG IMG_1034.JPG IMG_1036.JPG IMG_1029.JPG IMG_1025.JPG IMG_1028.JPG IMG_1038.JPG

Investigating materials

Oysters had a busy morning in the nature area. As part of their Science topic regarding Materials, Oysters blindfolded each other and described and touched a variety of resources. They discussed and used a wide vocabulary for describing. Later in the morning, they moved to making the best mixture of sand and water to produce the 'best' sandcastle. Some groups overdid the water and ended up with a sloppy mess whilst others, needed to use more water! An informative discussion followed.

IMG_8180.JPG IMG_8188.JPG IMG_8187.JPG IMG_8192.JPG IMG_8182.JPG IMG_8189.JPG IMG_8200.JPG IMG_8201.JPG IMG_8202.JPG IMG_8193.JPG IMG_8203.JPG IMG_8186.JPG IMG_8207.JPG IMG_8205.JPG IMG_8212.JPG IMG_8213.JPG IMG_8210.JPG IMG_8216.JPG IMG_8215.JPG IMG_8195.JPG IMG_8218.JPG IMG_8184.JPG IMG_8219.JPG IMG_8224.JPG IMG_8206.JPG IMG_8226.JPG IMG_8229.JPG IMG_8217.JPG IMG_8231.JPG IMG_8227.JPG IMG_8223.JPG IMG_8230.JPG IMG_8233.JPG IMG_8239.JPG IMG_8225.JPG IMG_8241.JPG IMG_8234.JPG IMG_8240.JPG IMG_8237.JPG IMG_8242.JPG IMG_8243.JPG IMG_8249.JPG IMG_8247.JPG IMG_8253.JPG IMG_8255.JPG IMG_8250.JPG IMG_8232.JPG IMG_8244.JPG IMG_8248.JPG IMG_8257.JPG IMG_8258.JPG IMG_8262.JPG IMG_8264.JPG IMG_8259.JPG IMG_8260.JPG IMG_8267.JPG IMG_8256.JPG IMG_8270.JPG IMG_8274.JPG IMG_8266.JPG IMG_8279.JPG IMG_8278.JPG IMG_8282.JPG IMG_8284.JPG IMG_8281.JPG IMG_8286.JPG IMG_8261.JPG IMG_8289.JPG IMG_8287.JPG IMG_8285.JPG IMG_8295.JPG IMG_8296.JPG IMG_8291.JPG IMG_8288.JPG IMG_8297.JPG IMG_8299.JPG IMG_8293.JPG IMG_8290.JPG IMG_8298.JPG IMG_8300.JPG

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Seahorses have been learning about Bonfire night and why we celebrate the fifth of November. They can recite the poem Remember Remember the Fifth of November and will give you lots of information about Guy Fawkes. Today outside they used chalk to create some firework drawings on the playground adding their onomatopoeia word learning too.

Whizz, crash, sparkle, boom, bang!
IMG_1222.JPG IMG_1224.JPG IMG_1234.JPG IMG_1225.JPG IMG_1228.JPG IMG_1237.JPG IMG_1221.JPG IMG_1223.JPG IMG_1236.JPG IMG_1233.JPG IMG_1226.JPG IMG_1240.JPG IMG_1242.JPG IMG_1245.JPG IMG_1235.JPG IMG_1244.JPG IMG_1246.JPG IMG_1239.JPG IMG_1238.JPG

Seahorses playing The Colour Game collaboratively

Instructions written by 2 Seahorses

What you need

Skipping rope
Three friends

What to do

First, you need to friends to hold the skipping rope and discuss A colour together.

Next, your other friend has to jump over the skipping rope saying the colours.

Finally, when your friend that's guessing colours get your one that you discussed the person that was guessing swaps with A friend and it goes on and on.


Building Shelters

Children in Seahorses applied their science learning about materials to build shelters for teddies or bugs in the nature area. The teddies were all kept warm, safe and protected from the elements. The bug hotels were luxurious and fun with feathers for benches to create safe landings if they fell!

IMG_0784.JPG IMG_0783.JPG IMG_0795.JPG IMG_0787.JPG IMG_0791.JPG IMG_0788.JPG IMG_0798.JPG IMG_0799.JPG IMG_0802.JPG IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0789.JPG IMG_0809.JPG IMG_0811.JPG IMG_0800.JPG IMG_0808.JPG IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0818.JPG IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0797.JPG IMG_0815.JPG IMG_0813.JPG

How to be Thor!

Members of Seahorses class sharing their instructions on how to be a superhero with their class mates. After learning a text 'How to be Spiderman!' with actions, the children in class innovated their story as a whole class producing 'How to be Thor!' before independently applying their new learning in their writing. They have all been superheroes this week!


IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0769.JPG

A class of Superheroes

IMG_0721.JPG IMG_0720.JPG IMG_0708.JPG IMG_0709.JPG IMG_0724.JPG IMG_0729.JPG IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0731.JPG IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0732.JPG IMG_0727.JPG IMG_0742.JPG IMG_0743.JPG IMG_0728.JPG IMG_0744.JPG

Oysters finding natural materials

Oysters were very busy in the Nature Area yesterday. As their Science topic is Materials, they used the blindfolds, finding a natural material, presenting it to a friend who in turn had to describe it and guess what it was. Some very descriptive vocabulary was used by all. Moving on, oysters worked in groups to design a natural shelter for a small teddy. Again discussion was key in making their shelter comfortable, protected from wind and rain and durable!

IMG_0053.JPG IMG_0062.JPG IMG_0051.JPG IMG_0054.JPG IMG_0050.JPG IMG_0059.JPG IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0060.JPG IMG_0055.JPG IMG_0052.JPG IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0063.JPG IMG_0072.JPG IMG_0069.JPG IMG_0070.JPG IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0075.JPG IMG_0061.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0079.JPG IMG_0076.JPG IMG_0086.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0078.JPG IMG_0081.JPG IMG_0084.JPG IMG_0083.JPG IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0082.JPG

2 Oysters enjoying reading

IMG_7752.JPG IMG_7754.JPG IMG_7756.JPG IMG_7750.JPG IMG_7751.JPG IMG_7755.JPG IMG_7757.JPG

2 Seahorses working hard at their Maths

IMG_0654.JPG IMG_0653.JPG IMG_0655.JPG IMG_0657.JPG IMG_0659.JPG IMG_0656.JPG IMG_0658.JPG

Seahorses enjoying the great outdoors

Year 2 had an amazing afternoon in the nature area. They were superstars at litter picking - collecting a whole bin sack! Thank you Seahorses. They also made potions and food which contained healthy items for our body. Many children had a go at climbing trees and building and designing an obstacle course and fitness trial for others to try.

IMG_5923.JPG IMG_5928.JPG IMG_5927.JPG IMG_5926.JPG IMG_5924.JPG IMG_5925.JPG IMG_5935.JPG IMG_5932.JPG IMG_5938.JPG IMG_5943.JPG IMG_5933.JPG IMG_5930.JPG IMG_5936.JPG IMG_5939.JPG IMG_5934.JPG IMG_5945.JPG IMG_5937.JPG IMG_5929.JPG IMG_5947.JPG IMG_5946.JPG IMG_5949.JPG IMG_5953.JPG IMG_5942.JPG IMG_5940.JPG IMG_5951.JPG IMG_5950.JPG IMG_5952.JPG IMG_5948.JPG

News from 2021-2022

Great Greek Day

IMG_0386.JPG IMG_0387.JPG IMG_0394.JPG IMG_0390.JPG IMG_1298.JPG IMG_1292.JPG IMG_1294.JPG IMG_1303.JPG IMG_1295.JPG IMG_1299.JPG IMG_1302.JPG IMG_1311.JPG IMG_1309.JPG IMG_1313.JPG IMG_1300.JPG IMG_1316.JPG IMG_1314.JPG IMG_1325.JPG IMG_1326.JPG IMG_2308.JPG IMG_2311.JPG IMG_2313.JPG IMG_2314.JPG IMG_2317.JPG IMG_1317.JPG IMG_2321.JPG IMG_1315.JPG IMG_2319.JPG IMG_2328.JPG IMG_2326.JPG IMG_2330.JPG IMG_1293.JPG IMG_2334.JPG IMG_2333.JPG IMG_2346.JPG IMG_2336.JPG IMG_1310.JPG IMG_7039.JPG IMG_7035.JPG IMG_2339.JPG IMG_7032.JPG IMG_2324.JPG

A fabulous morning at the beach

IMG_6921.JPG IMG_6910.JPG IMG_6905.JPG IMG_6903.JPG IMG_6937.JPG IMG_6918.JPG IMG_6901.JPG IMG_6919.JPG IMG_6944.JPG IMG_6963.JPG IMG_6939.JPG IMG_6938.JPG IMG_6941.JPG IMG_6958.JPG IMG_6916.JPG IMG_6917.JPG IMG_6926.JPG IMG_6948.JPG IMG_6962.JPG IMG_6960.JPG IMG_6961.JPG IMG_6949.JPG IMG_6957.JPG IMG_6950.JPG

Seahorses exploring trees

Year 2 spent the afternoon in the nature area. They enjoyed playing with the catapults and were very successful. Year 2 also recognised tree types and completed some leaf rubbings around the nature area. They also enjoyed making potions and pretend food.

IMG_0464.JPG IMG_0467.JPG IMG_0466.JPG IMG_0478.JPG IMG_0482.JPG IMG_0480.JPG IMG_0469.JPG IMG_0465.JPG IMG_0477.JPG IMG_0484.JPG IMG_0485.JPG IMG_0490.JPG IMG_0483.JPG IMG_0487.JPG IMG_0492.JPG IMG_0489.JPG IMG_0491.JPG IMG_0493.JPG IMG_0494.JPG IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0496.JPG IMG_0502.JPG IMG_0481.JPG IMG_0501.JPG IMG_0500.JPG IMG_0504.JPG IMG_0495.JPG IMG_0497.JPG IMG_0503.JPG

Exploring the Nature Area

Oysters had an enjoyable morning in the nature area. They made campfire bread. Some said it was delicious whilst others decided to leave it to the birds!! They also undertook some bug hunting with great success. Aakifa was crowned Queen of the catapults!

IMG_1956.JPG IMG_1955.JPG IMG_1954.JPG IMG_1957.JPG IMG_1959.JPG IMG_1962.JPG IMG_1963.JPG IMG_1960.JPG IMG_1964.JPG IMG_1958.JPG IMG_1961.JPG IMG_1968.JPG IMG_1970.JPG IMG_1974.JPG IMG_1971.JPG IMG_1966.JPG IMG_1967.JPG IMG_1973.JPG IMG_1975.JPG IMG_1965.JPG IMG_1978.JPG IMG_1977.JPG IMG_1976.JPG

Oysters in the Nature Area

Oysters had an enjoyable afternoon in the Nature Area. They spent some of the afternoon, pond-dipping. They found many creatures including a water beetle, water-louse, dragon-fly and some frog spawn. Other activities included bug hunting and playing Eagle Eye.

IMG_6727.JPG IMG_6729.JPG IMG_6732.JPG IMG_6740.JPG IMG_6739.JPG IMG_6731.JPG IMG_6743.JPG IMG_6742.JPG IMG_6749.JPG IMG_6750.JPG IMG_6737.JPG IMG_6753.JPG IMG_6755.JPG IMG_6747.JPG IMG_6754.JPG IMG_6757.JPG IMG_6756.JPG IMG_6760.JPG IMG_6759.JPG IMG_6734.JPG

Seahorses in the Nature Area

Seahorses had an enjoyable afternoon in the nature area, they made sure the birds were fed again after being off school for half-term. Some of the children built dens showing excellent construction skills whilst others demonstrated their art skills with mud faces.

IMG_0313.JPG IMG_0311.JPG IMG_0315.JPG IMG_0310.JPG IMG_0309.JPG IMG_0321.JPG IMG_0322.JPG IMG_0317.JPG IMG_0316.JPG IMG_0323.JPG IMG_0314.JPG IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0328.JPG IMG_0327.JPG IMG_0326.JPG IMG_0332.JPG IMG_0325.JPG IMG_0331.JPG IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0336.JPG IMG_0330.JPG IMG_0340.JPG IMG_0341.JPG IMG_0335.JPG IMG_0334.JPG IMG_0338.JPG IMG_0343.JPG IMG_0345.JPG IMG_0344.JPG IMG_0346.JPG IMG_0342.JPG IMG_0347.JPG IMG_0350.JPG IMG_0354.JPG IMG_0339.JPG IMG_0352.JPG IMG_0348.JPG

Oysters exploring habitats

Oysters learnt about different habitats. We discussed evergreen and deciduous trees, also how the nature area and beach differ as habitats. We fed the birds and managed to bird watch - finding a very friendly robin who came down to say hello.

IMG_6401.JPG IMG_6406.JPG IMG_6402.JPG IMG_6412.JPG IMG_6413.JPG IMG_6407.JPG IMG_6410.JPG IMG_6416.JPG IMG_6418.JPG IMG_6408.JPG IMG_6415.JPG IMG_6420.JPG IMG_6426.JPG IMG_6422.JPG IMG_6423.JPG IMG_6487.JPG IMG_6409.JPG IMG_6486.JPG IMG_6489.JPG IMG_6488.JPG IMG_6414.JPG

Oysters in the Nature Area

Oysters enjoyed their chilly day in the nature area. We started colour matching and using our observational skills to find the fairy doors dotted around the nature area. After this, we built our own homes for little teddies, testing whether they were waterproof and warm. Later in the day, Oysters enjoyed tasty smores - marshmallows with biscuits. We also discussed natural and man-made materials describing their features and uses.

IMG_0767.JPG IMG_0762.JPG IMG_0766.JPG IMG_0764.JPG IMG_0769.JPG IMG_0770.JPG IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0763.JPG IMG_0771.JPG IMG_0765.JPG IMG_0775.JPG IMG_0774.JPG IMG_0772.JPG IMG_0773.JPG IMG_0776.JPG IMG_0777.JPG IMG_0782.JPG IMG_0781.JPG IMG_0784.JPG IMG_0786.JPG IMG_0792.JPG IMG_0787.JPG IMG_0783.JPG IMG_0791.JPG IMG_0794.JPG IMG_0790.JPG IMG_0793.JPG IMG_0788.JPG IMG_0785.JPG IMG_0795.JPG IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0798.JPG IMG_0796.JPG IMG_0800.JPG IMG_0802.JPG IMG_0810.JPG IMG_0803.JPG IMG_0804.JPG IMG_0799.JPG IMG_0805.JPG IMG_0797.JPG IMG_0812.JPG IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0813.JPG IMG_0815.JPG IMG_0811.JPG IMG_0807.JPG IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0817.JPG IMG_0821.JPG IMG_0818.JPG IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0816.JPG IMG_0822.JPG IMG_0828.JPG IMG_0827.JPG IMG_0825.JPG IMG_0824.JPG IMG_0829.JPG IMG_0831.JPG IMG_0832.JPG IMG_0834.JPG IMG_0837.JPG IMG_0838.JPG IMG_0839.JPG IMG_0841.JPG IMG_0844.JPG IMG_0846.JPG IMG_0835.JPG IMG_0850.JPG IMG_0848.JPG IMG_0852.JPG IMG_0830.JPG IMG_0854.JPG IMG_0840.JPG IMG_0851.JPG IMG_0853.JPG

Sharing Homework

IMG_0999.JPG IMG_0998.JPG IMG_1001.JPG IMG_1006.JPG IMG_1002.JPG

Library Visit and Cliff Walk

IMG_6281.JPG IMG_6289.JPG IMG_6288.JPG IMG_6278.JPG IMG_6284.JPG IMG_6297.JPG IMG_6300.JPG IMG_6290.JPG IMG_6280.JPG IMG_6311.JPG IMG_6295.JPG IMG_6312.JPG IMG_6314.JPG

Remembrance Day

IMG_6253.JPG IMG_6251.JPG IMG_6252.JPG IMG_6250.JPG

Diwali Workshop

IMG_6150.JPG IMG_6145.JPG IMG_6153.JPG IMG_6161.JPG IMG_6160.JPG

Seahorses enjoying the Nature Area

Seahorses had a wonderful day in the Nature Area. Firstly, they enjoyed finding the fairy doors that Year 6 had designed and painted. It required them to use all their observational skills to find them as some of them were tricky and well hidden.

Moving on, they designed shelters for their teddy. They were only allowed to use natural materials found in the nature area.

After a quick break, we enjoyed, for the very first time - smores (marshmallows sandwiched in biscuits) they were delicious. They discussed what a fire needs to burn and certain safety aspects involving the fire.

Seahorses were so well behaved and had an amazing day.

IMG_4243.JPG IMG_4246.JPG IMG_4245.JPG IMG_4247.JPG IMG_4244.JPG IMG_4253.JPG IMG_4251.JPG IMG_4252.JPG IMG_4256.JPG IMG_4248.JPG IMG_4254.JPG IMG_4255.JPG IMG_4261.JPG IMG_4262.JPG IMG_4259.JPG IMG_4263.JPG IMG_4260.JPG IMG_4257.JPG IMG_4269.JPG IMG_4267.JPG IMG_4270.JPG IMG_4271.JPG IMG_4272.JPG IMG_4258.JPG IMG_4273.JPG IMG_4264.JPG IMG_4275.JPG IMG_4276.JPG IMG_4279.JPG IMG_4278.JPG IMG_4282.JPG IMG_4280.JPG IMG_4284.JPG IMG_4265.JPG IMG_4286.JPG IMG_4283.JPG IMG_4293.JPG IMG_4292.JPG IMG_4287.JPG IMG_4285.JPG IMG_4295.JPG IMG_4288.JPG IMG_4294.JPG IMG_4297.JPG IMG_4299.JPG IMG_4300.JPG IMG_4277.JPG IMG_4304.JPG IMG_4306.JPG IMG_4302.JPG IMG_4298.JPG IMG_4274.JPG IMG_4307.JPG IMG_4303.JPG IMG_4313.JPG IMG_4308.JPG IMG_4310.JPG IMG_4309.JPG IMG_4315.JPG IMG_4318.JPG IMG_4314.JPG IMG_4317.JPG IMG_4312.JPG IMG_4316.JPG

Oysters listening to their reading partners

IMG_5919.JPG IMG_5921.JPG IMG_5918.JPG IMG_5923.JPG IMG_5927.JPG IMG_5926.JPG IMG_5922.JPG

In RE the children were looking at the sky and thinking about how it makes them feel after reading Pslam 8 3-11.


In the nature area we were creating pictures of our favourite illustrations from our whole class reader.

IMG_4104.JPG IMG_4109.JPG IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4110.JPG IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4113.JPG IMG_4123.JPG IMG_4111.JPG IMG_4121.JPG IMG_4117.JPG IMG_4129.JPG IMG_4130.JPG IMG_4126.JPG IMG_4116.JPG

Oysters and Seahorses exercising with the Sports Partnership Team

IMG_5911.jpg IMG_5913.JPG IMG_5917a.jpg IMG_5914a.jpg IMG_4090.JPG IMG_4096 - Copy.JPG IMG_4092 - Copy.JPG IMG_4101.JPG IMG_4091.JPG IMG_4094.JPG

Seahorses have been den building to create their superhero hideouts/headquarters.

IMG_4015.JPG IMG_4034.JPG IMG_4055.JPG IMG_4036.JPG IMG_4041.JPG IMG_4052.JPG

Seahorses enjoying dance

IMG_3976.JPG IMG_3980.JPG IMG_3977.JPG IMG_3988.JPG

Oysters enjoying exercising

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Fun in the Nature Area

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Year 2 enjoying Southend Sports Partnership

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