Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Plan 2021/2022

Since 2011, the Government has provided Pupil Premium Funding in addition to the main school budget in order to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and to close the attainment gap between Pupil Premium pupils and their peers, both in their school and nationally.

Pupils who are entitled to Pupil Premium provision:

  • Infant pupils who would have been entitled to FSM
  • Pupils who have been entitled to Free School Meals in the last 6 years
  • Pupils who are Looked After or Adopted
  • Pupils from Service Families

The Government has identified these groups as indicators of deprivation and have provided a fixed amount of funding to schools for each pupil from 1 of these groups. The school then makes the decision as to what additional support is needed for each Pupil Premium child in order to close the attainment gap. The Government does not specify how schools should spend the money – instead allowing schools the flexibility to employ support strategies which will have the greatest impact on individual children’s attainment.

OUR AIM: FOR ALL PUPIL PREMIUM PUPILS TO ACHIEVE THE AGE EXPECTATION (IN READING, WRITING AND MATHS) BY THE END OF YEAR 6. (In the light of COVID 19 this is still our expectation but we acknowledge there are many more barriers to overcome in order to achieve this - LEARNING GAPS THAT NEED TO BE FILLED)

At St. Helen’s, we have put the following plan in place in order to accelerate the progress of our Pupil Premium pupils.


  • To ensure that each child experiences quality first teaching and a variety of well planned learning opportunities in Maths and English especially, which include different levels of challenges available to all pupils. This process includes:
  • The effective support of scaffolded learning prompts and success criteria. This helps to build resilience and independence - essential skills for lifelong learners.
  • Our Marking in the Moment approach which includes self and peer assessment so pupils get immediate feedback. This will ensure the correcting of misconceptions and hence progress being made more quickly.
  • To continue to use English and Maths intervention groups and reading catch up programmes (using catch up funding) to narrow the attainment gap for Pupil Premium pupils in relation to age expectations. Pupils will receive regular targeted support when needed.

  • SEND/PP CHILDREN - interventions in place for any SEND/PP pupils when needed.
  • To use our Nurture provision when needed, where pupils will be supported in developing their social and emotional skills and help to develop their personal well-being.
  • To support Pupil Premium pupils who have English as an additional language either individually or in a small group with their speaking and listening, grammar and comprehension skills. They are also supported with their understanding of Mathematical vocabulary.

  • To support Pupil Premium pupils as early as possible in their school life - extra staffing in EYFS/KS1.

  • To support Parent/Carers by offering free Breakfast club places and to offer individual support to families as needs become apparent e.g. we will make a contribution towards residential trips and music lessons.

We will receive £86,080 pupil premium funding. We currently have 77 children on the pupil premium register (Sep 2021) - this number of pupils can change throughout the year. (The current funding is allocated using numbers from the previous census- so is based on 65 children)


Contributions to Staffing costs:

  • Nurture staff
  • Teaching Assistant hours in KS1 for the afternoons
  • Teaching Assistants in KS2
  • Learning mentor
  • Teaching Assistant hours in EYFS for the mornings
  • Counselling

Pupil Support (if requested) - £5000:

  • To fund Breakfast Club places
  • To fund residential trips
  • To fund music lessons

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