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Is your child having a new device for Christmas? Please read this.

Resources and Guidance from The 2 Johns

Helpful resources and guidance from The 2 Johns to support parents and carers with children who may be more at risk of online harms, including children with additional needs.

Parental Controls and Privacy Settings from The 2 Johns

Guidance on how to set parental controls and privacy settings from The 2 Johns.

The 2 Johns

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TikTok launches screen time tools

The social media app has released some new Digital Wellbeing settings designed to make users aware of how much time they are spending on the app. The UK Safer Internet Centre has produced a blog to tell you all about it.


New Instagram Sensitive Content Control options - to assist in ensuring a safer online experience for young people, new default settings for younger teens have been announced by social media platform, Instagram.

Online gaming

Are you new to online gaming? See Internet Matters’ online gaming basics to get to grips with the basics of online gaming. You’ll get advice on what is, what children are actually doing while they are gaming and much more.

Simple steps to set controls

It’s important to consider setting controls on the devices your children use, in order to keep them safe. Internet Matters have pulled together a number of guides to give you simple steps to set controls on a range of devices.

Parental controls for gaming

If your child is a keen gamer and uses a range of consoles or devices to play the latest games, take a look at Internet Matters list of consoles, platforms and gaming apps parental control how-to guides to get up to speed on how to set the right level of protection to give them a fun and safe experience.

Social Media Guides

If your child is using social networking sites to chat to friends and family or share their latest selfie, take a look at Internet Matters list of social media guides to get you up to speed on the most popular platforms and help them set the right privacy settings.

Filters to limit inappropriate content

Broadband, mobile and WiFi providers offer filters to limit the inappropriate content a child might see. As these typically have to be set manually, you’ll find a comprehensive list of parental control guides that Internet Matters have created to make this process easier to follow with their step by step videos and visual instructions.

Creating an online safety plan for the New Year

Let’s start the New Year with a fresh look at our children’s online lives – this link helps you create an online safety plan that is just right for your family.

Online Issues

This week our focus is on online issues that you might encounter with your children. The internet is a fantastic place for children to learn, create and have fun, but they may occasionally have to deal with a variety of sometimes challenging issues. These might include cyberbullying, along with various others issues. But there are positive things you can do to equip yourself and your child, support them in resolving any issue they may face. Don’t forget that all the links can be found on the school’s Online Safety page

Guidance about your child's digital life

Whatever your child’s age, this week, we have links to guidance to help you find out more about their digital lives. Receive practical advice on the steps you can take as a parent to keep them safe on social media, in online games and around the web. Just use the right link for you children.

Keeping your Children Safe Online – Digital Safeguarding

Here are some things you may want to do to help your children 'Stay Safe' in the online world:

  • Set ground rules and with younger children agree which websites they can visit. Remember these will vary depending upon the ages of your children.
  • Agree time limits and regular breaks. Remember letting children play video games just before bedtime may stop them sleeping and have an impact on their learning.
  • Find out how to set the parental controls and safe search. Consider buying parental monitoring/ control software for younger children. Remember none of these are 100% effective and supervision is always needed.
  • Check the home page of your children's favourite social network, game and so on. This will give you an overview of the website and its suitability.
  • Spend 30 minutes watching your children play an online game so that you can see the content and be happy that it is suitable for them.
  • Check the age ratings of games at PEGI. Remember video games ratings are all about the content and not the difficulty of the game.
  • Say NO to your child playing any game that has a rating above their age, or using websites that you think are unsuitable.
  • Talk to your children about their privacy settings and ask them to show you how to change these settings. Encourage your children to only have online friends that they know in the real world.
  • Tell your children what to do if they ever feel frightened or scared when online or using their mobile phone. It is important that your children know they can always talk to you and you will help them (This link is useful, you may not always know the answer but by talking to the school, other parents, ThinkUknow FAQs, mobile phone provider websites and so on you will be able to find a solution.

Useful Websites

The following websites are useful for further guidance and support:

BBC Own It - advice for children on online safety.

Child Protection Company: eSafety Course for Parents - by taking the Parent eSafety course, you can work with your child to keep them safe on the internet and learn more about eSafety yourself as a parent.

Childnet International - for primary children.

Childnet International - for teachers and professionals.

Everybody Plays - a parent's guide to games.

Facebook Safety Centre - guides to Facebook settings.

Internet Matters - a guide to help you through the many issues children can experience when using the internet.

Internet Watch Foundation - the UK Hotline for reporting criminal online content.

NSPCC - doing everything possible to keep childhood safe from abuse, so children can grow up healthy and thrive.

Report Online Terrorist Material ( - report illegal terrorist information, pictures or videos you've found on the internet. Your report will be treated anonymously.

Southwest Grid for Learning Staying Safe Resource

ThinkUKnow - learning resource for children.

Keeping your under 5 safe online (

Tiger Mobiles - how to protect your children on their smartphone.


UK Safer Internet Centre: Parental Controls - how to set up parental controls offered by your home ISP.

Internet Safety

Please click below to read any of these useful pages to keep your children safe online.

If you suspect it, report it!


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