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The latest news from Starfish and Jellyfish

Growing experiments

As part of science week we have been carrying out lots of interesting experiments, all around growing. We planted our own beans, and started bean diaries. We are really excited to observe how the beans grow. We have put our bean plants by the window so they get some sun, and have also put some in our cloakroom to see if these flowers grow without sunlight!

Together, we learnt about the different parts of a plant and labelled them. Don’t forget, there are some great activities you can play on Education City for this!

We have planted the tops of carrots in some soil, and have made predictions about whether they will grow. What do you think?

IMG_3147 - Copy.JPG IMG_3151 - Copy.JPG IMG_3148 - Copy.JPG IMG_3150 - Copy.JPG IMG_3153 - Copy.JPG IMG_3152 - Copy.JPG IMG_3149 - Copy.JPG IMG_3154 - Copy.JPG IMG_3156 - Copy.JPG IMG_3157 - Copy.JPG IMG_3159 - Copy.JPG IMG_3161 - Copy.JPG IMG_3163 - Copy.JPG IMG_3155 - Copy.JPG IMG_3162 - Copy.JPG IMG_3158 - Copy.JPG IMG_3166 - Copy.JPG IMG_3168 - Copy.JPG IMG_3167 - Copy.JPG IMG_3169 - Copy.JPG IMG_3170 - Copy.JPG IMG_3165 - Copy.JPG IMG_3160 - Copy.JPG
IMG_3099.JPG IMG_3100.JPG IMG_3103.JPG IMG_3101.JPG IMG_3104.JPG IMG_3125.JPG IMG_3102.JPG IMG_3128.JPG IMG_3129.JPG IMG_3126.JPG

Looking after our teeth

In Starfish class, we understand how important it is to look after ourselves so that we grow up to be nice and healthy. We learnt about dental hygiene and the importance of looking our teeth. We set up an experiment to observe how different drinks change the shells of eggs. The eggs’ shells represent the enamel on our teeth. We learnt that enamel helps to keep our teeth nice and strong. The children made predictions about what they thought was going to happen and which egg shell they thought would decay the most. We are going to observe the changes over a week and see which drink causes the most decay!

IMG_3107 - Copy.JPG IMG_3108 - Copy.JPG IMG_3109 - Copy.JPG IMG_3116 - Copy.JPG IMG_3110 - Copy.JPG IMG_3111 - Copy.JPG IMG_3122 - Copy.JPG IMG_3117 - Copy.JPG IMG_3131 - Copy.JPG IMG_3132 - Copy.JPG IMG_3130.JPG IMG_3124 - Copy.JPG IMG_3118 - Copy.JPG IMG_3138 - Copy.JPG IMG_3137 - Copy.JPG IMG_3142 - Copy.JPG IMG_3144 - Copy.JPG IMG_3145 - Copy.JPG IMG_3139 - Copy.JPG IMG_3136 - Copy.JPG IMG_3119 - Copy.JPG IMG_3141 - Copy.JPG

1J- Planting Bean Plants

In Jellyfish class we have enjoyed lots of science activities this week. We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and planted our own plants! We are going to keep a bean diary over the next few weeks to see how they grow!

IMG_7849.JPG IMG_7857.JPG IMG_7869.JPG IMG_7866.JPG IMG_7898.JPG IMG_7877.JPG

World Book Day

This year we focused on the book, ‘The Invisible String’. Thank you to all the parents who encouraged their children to think about a loved one they wanted to write to.

The children wrote postcards to their loved ones and illustrated pictures to go with them. We also made a web of love, plotting how far our invisible strings reach across the country and the world!

In the afternoon, the children made bracelets; threading a coloured bead for each of their loved ones and took time to reflect on how our invisible string connects all of us.

What a great day!

IMG_2930.JPG IMG_2932.JPG IMG_2938.JPG IMG_2933.JPG IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2940.JPG IMG_2949 (1).JPG IMG_2946 (1).JPG IMG_2935.JPG IMG_2950 (1).JPG IMG_2942.JPG
IMG_2930.JPG IMG_2932.JPG IMG_2938.JPG IMG_2933.JPG IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2940.JPG IMG_2949 (1).JPG IMG_2946 (1).JPG IMG_2935.JPG IMG_2950 (1).JPG IMG_2942.JPG

Vegetable Pizzas

Our focus in Design and Technology this half term is Cooking & Nutrition. To link to our topic of growing, the children researched, designed and made vegetable pizzas using vegetables that were grown in the UK.

The children took their time to think carefully about their ingredients and worked hard to make their pizzas look like their designs. In the afternoon we had a pizza party! It was so much fun to enjoy a healthy snack together.
IMG_2955 (1).JPG IMG_2956 (1).JPG IMG_2958 (1).JPG IMG_2959 (1).JPG IMG_2961 (1).JPG IMG_2964 (1).JPG IMG_2954 (1).JPG IMG_2962 (1).JPG IMG_2968 (1).JPG IMG_2970 (1).JPG IMG_2969 (1).JPG IMG_2972 (1).JPG IMG_2967 (1).JPG IMG_2974 (1).JPG IMG_2957 (1).JPG IMG_2971 (1).JPG IMG_2975 (1).JPG IMG_2965 (1).JPG IMG_2980.JPG IMG_2976 (1).JPG IMG_2979.JPG IMG_2973 (1).JPG IMG_2983.JPG IMG_2982.JPG IMG_2978.JPG IMG_2977 (1).JPG IMG_2986.JPG IMG_2981.JPG IMG_2984.JPG IMG_2985.JPG IMG_2987.JPG IMG_2988.JPG IMG_2993.JPG IMG_2989.JPG IMG_2992.JPG

World Book Day



Toy Shop

We have been learning about money and have been practising recognising the different coins. We set up a class toy shop and have been working hard to make the correct amount to buy our favourite toys!

IMG_0977.JPG IMG_1033.JPG IMG_1018.JPG IMG_0979.JPG IMG_1026.JPG IMG_1037.JPG

Our main characters

Starfish have been writing Journey stories about their favourite toys going on secret adventures! Today we drew our main characters and used oil pastels to finish them off. They all look fantastic!

IMG_2697.JPG IMG_2699.JPG IMG_2698.JPG IMG_2704 (1).JPG IMG_2702.JPG IMG_2703.JPG IMG_2708 (1).JPG IMG_2707 (1).JPG IMG_2706 (1).JPG IMG_2701.JPG IMG_2710 (1).JPG

Jellyfish History Old Toys

The children enjoyed playing with a selection of old toys. They compared them to the toys they have at home. We noticed there were no electric toys and most of them were wooden, instead of plastic.

IMG_3439.JPG IMG_3454.JPG IMG_3457.JPG IMG_3470.JPG IMG_3477.JPG IMG_3443.JPG IMG_3455.JPG

Jellyfish Library Trip

Last Friday Jellyfish class went on a trip to Southend Forum Library. We enjoyed learning about the different books available at the Library and we were able to explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We also enjoyed a story!

IMG_8463.JPG IMG_8523.JPG IMG_8465.JPG IMG_8464.JPG

Starfish Library Trip

Year 1 went to visit Southend Library Forum. First we planned our trip using Google Maps and then we walked to the Library. We had so much fun learning about all the exciting fiction and non-fiction books the library has to offer.

IMG_2585.JPG IMG_2584.JPG IMG_2590.JPG IMG_2589.JPG IMG_2592.JPG IMG_2593.JPG IMG_2591.JPG IMG_2596.JPG IMG_2588.JPG IMG_2598.JPG IMG_2599.JPG IMG_2586.JPG IMG_2600.JPG IMG_2602.JPG IMG_2601.JPG IMG_2597.JPG IMG_2594.JPG IMG_2606.JPG IMG_2609.JPG IMG_2595.JPG IMG_2613.JPG IMG_2612.JPG IMG_2616.JPG IMG_2614.JPG IMG_2604.JPG IMG_2615.JPG IMG_2619.JPG IMG_2618.JPG IMG_2621.JPG

Cooking on a cold morning in the nature area

Jellyfish had a busy and very cold morning in the Nature Area today. To keep warm, we lit a fire and cooked bananas with melted chocolate. These were enjoyed by all! Thinking of the wildlife around us, Jellyfish also fed the birds making cheerio necklaces and lard balls surrounded with cereal. Jellyfish made sure they kept on the move to keep warm but luckily the sun shone for us!

IMG_8827.JPG IMG_8830.JPG IMG_8831.JPG IMG_8833.JPG IMG_8838.JPG IMG_8840.JPG IMG_8829.JPG IMG_8841.JPG IMG_8832.JPG IMG_8843.JPG IMG_8828.JPG IMG_8834.JPG IMG_8861.JPG IMG_8852.JPG IMG_8862.JPG IMG_8865.JPG IMG_8863.JPG IMG_8842.JPG IMG_8871.JPG IMG_8870.JPG IMG_8884.JPG IMG_8885.JPG IMG_8886.JPG IMG_8867.JPG IMG_8851.JPG IMG_8872.JPG IMG_8889.JPG IMG_8869.JPG IMG_8844.JPG IMG_8893.JPG IMG_8896.JPG IMG_8890.JPG IMG_8897.JPG IMG_8891.JPG IMG_8892.JPG IMG_8894.JPG IMG_8895.JPG IMG_8900.JPG IMG_8899.JPG IMG_8898.JPG

Starfish feeding themselves and the birds

Starfish enjoyed their afternoon in the Nature Area. Firstly, they experienced bananas with melted chocolate buttons. The food went down well with the children stating it was delicious/fantastic. Year 1 made sure they made cheerio necklaces and lard balls to feed the birds, squirrels and any other wildlife who visit the nature area.

IMG_6962.JPG IMG_6964.JPG IMG_6965.JPG IMG_6963.JPG IMG_6972.JPG IMG_6958.JPG IMG_6971.JPG IMG_6975.JPG IMG_6980.JPG IMG_6966.JPG IMG_6969.JPG IMG_6983.JPG IMG_6986.JPG IMG_6978.JPG IMG_6987.JPG IMG_6991.JPG IMG_6982.JPG IMG_6979.JPG IMG_6995.JPG IMG_6996.JPG IMG_6998.JPG IMG_6994.JPG IMG_6992.JPG IMG_6993.JPG IMG_6999.JPG

Happy New Year from Starfish Class!

We have been learning about New Year celebrations. The children shared their stories of what they did on New Year’s Eve and we counted down from 10 and all shouted ‘Happy New Year!’. We watched the fireworks from around the world and sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’. The children thought really carefully about what they wanted to get better at this year and everyone came up with a fun New Year’s Resolution. Happy 2023 everyone!
IMG_4772.JPG IMG_4778.JPG

Making Advent Calendars

Starfish Class have been working hard researching, designing and making advent calendars. The children were very proud of their creations and have displayed them in class. Starfish class have been giving peer evaluations and talking about the positive aspect of their designs. We definitely have some future designers in the making!

IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2946.JPG IMG_2948.JPG IMG_2947.JPG IMG_2949.JPG IMG_2955.JPG IMG_2952.JPG IMG_2954.JPG IMG_2953.JPG IMG_2950.JPG

Finding the Countries in the World Cup

1S have been getting into the spirit of the World Cup. We all picked a country out of the hat and found it in the atlas.

We also found the correct flag and coloured it in the right colours.

IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0473.JPG IMG_0469.JPG

Mixing Colours

IMG_0501 (1).JPG IMG_0503.JPG IMG_0500 (2).JPG IMG_0509 (1).JPG IMG_0504 (1).JPG IMG_0511.JPG IMG_0505 (1).JPG IMG_0513 (2).JPG IMG_0519 (2).JPG IMG_0518 (2).JPG IMG_0520 (1).JPG IMG_0506 (1).JPG IMG_0517 (2).JPG


We have been learning about the story of the Three Little Pigs. We measured the distance the Big Bad Wolf travelled from each of the three little pigs houses. The children worked together in partners and took care to measure accurately using a ruler. They then recorded their findings and discussed them with their peers.

IMG_3289.JPG IMG_3292.JPG IMG_3286.JPG IMG_3303.JPG IMG_3294.JPG IMG_3304.JPG IMG_3296.JPG IMG_3290.JPG


This term, Year 1 are learning all about traditional tales. In science we have been learning about materials. Starfish class explored what the best material would be to make a boat for the Gingerbread man to cross the river safely. The children used a variety of everyday materials including paper, cardboard, wooden straws and lollipop sticks and plastic. The children then tested their boats to see if their material was strong enough to carry the weight of the gingerbread man, and whether or not their material was waterproof.

IMG_3225.JPG IMG_3223.JPG IMG_3258.JPG IMG_3270.JPG IMG_3229.JPG IMG_3282.JPG IMG_3261.JPG IMG_3275.JPG IMG_3226.JPG IMG_3276.JPG IMG_3277.JPG


Starfish enjoyed their morning using their Senses. Firstly, we started on the field. We had to use our sense of hearing whist blindfolded to follow the sound. After, we had to find other people in our group using animal noises. Year one moved into the nature area. They made potions, completed a blindfold trail and successfully hunted for bugs! A very busy morning was had by all.

IMG_8082 - Copy.JPG IMG_8076.JPG IMG_8069.JPG IMG_8083 - Copy.JPG IMG_8079.JPG IMG_8080.JPG IMG_8084.JPG IMG_8081.JPG IMG_8091.JPG IMG_8089.JPG IMG_8095.JPG IMG_8075.JPG IMG_8108.JPG IMG_8107.JPG IMG_8073 - Copy.JPG IMG_8110.JPG IMG_8090.JPG IMG_8096.JPG IMG_8088.JPG IMG_8113.JPG IMG_8116.JPG IMG_8121.JPG IMG_8122.JPG IMG_8124.JPG IMG_8117.JPG IMG_8125.JPG IMG_8126.JPG IMG_8127.JPG IMG_8123.JPG IMG_8130.JPG IMG_8111.JPG IMG_8129.JPG IMG_8114.JPG IMG_8133.JPG IMG_8131.JPG IMG_8135.JPG IMG_8137.JPG IMG_8146.JPG IMG_8136.JPG IMG_8132.JPG IMG_8138.JPG

Who lives in the nature area?

Jellyfish enjoyed their morning in the nature area. They investigated what lives in the nature area using binoculars and magnifying glasses. They found spiders, earwigs, centipedes and worms!

IMG_4074.JPG IMG_4076.JPG IMG_4072.JPG IMG_4075.JPG IMG_4090.JPG IMG_4088.JPG IMG_4087.JPG IMG_4080.JPG IMG_4084.JPG

Working together, using our senses

This morning, Jellyfish and St Rapheal visited the nature area. They worked together to learn more about using their senses. Year 6 helped certain members of Jellyfish to complete a blindfold trail; there were a few obstacles in the way, just to make things tricky! Both classes also had to hold and describe items found in nature whilst blindfolded. The co-operation and team work shone through this morning.

IMG_4135.JPG IMG_4138.JPG IMG_4139.JPG IMG_4141.JPG IMG_4140.JPG IMG_4159.JPG IMG_4136.JPG IMG_4143.JPG IMG_4151.JPG IMG_4145.JPG IMG_4146.JPG IMG_4152.JPG IMG_4157.JPG IMG_4158.JPG IMG_4147.JPG IMG_4144.JPG IMG_4153.JPG IMG_4160.JPG IMG_4156.JPG IMG_4163.JPG IMG_4149.JPG IMG_4148.JPG IMG_4164.JPG IMG_4168.JPG IMG_4166.JPG IMG_4172.JPG IMG_4171.JPG IMG_4170.JPG IMG_4174.JPG IMG_4173.JPG IMG_4167.JPG IMG_4169.JPG IMG_4161.JPG

Using our senses

Jellyfish used their senses on Monday afternoon. Whilst testing, Jellyfish used all their senses of touch, taste, smell and sight. We tried chocolate, lemon, popcorn and crackers. Most children preferred the popcorn as the chocolate was a strong taste for us! Lemon was very sour!

IMG_4097.JPG IMG_4100.JPG IMG_4096.JPG IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4117.JPG IMG_4116.JPG IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4126.JPG IMG_4123.JPG IMG_4114.JPG

News from 2021-2022

Perfect Pizzas

Chef Eduardo from Bucatini came to visit Year 1! He showed the children how to make a pizza and we got to taste them, they were delicious! Later in the week the children made their own pitta pizzas! We are now writing instructions for a vegetable pizza.

IMG_6937.JPG IMG_6946.JPG IMG_6954.JPG IMG_6965.JPG IMG_7050.JPG IMG_7075.JPG IMG_6990.JPG IMG_6978.JPG IMG_6962.JPG IMG_7077.JPG IMG_7092.JPG IMG_7085.JPG IMG_7080.JPG

A busy morning of outdoor learning

Starfish enjoyed a morning of the nature area. Busily, they found the fairy doors, observing closely. They also fed the birds and discussed what the birds need to eat. Our next experiment was testing toy cars on different surfaces to see which surface was fastest for the car or where less accidents occurred! We discussed our results together at the end of the morning.

IMG_2336.JPG IMG_2341.JPG IMG_2338.JPG IMG_2343.JPG IMG_2342.JPG IMG_2339.JPG IMG_2337.JPG IMG_2344.JPG IMG_2347.JPG IMG_2349.JPG IMG_2348.JPG IMG_2346.JPG IMG_2351.JPG IMG_2340.JPG IMG_2350.JPG IMG_2355.JPG IMG_2356.JPG IMG_2352.JPG IMG_2357.JPG IMG_2354.JPG IMG_2353.JPG IMG_2361.JPG IMG_2358.JPG IMG_2362.JPG IMG_2360.JPG IMG_2363.JPG IMG_2365.JPG IMG_2366.JPG IMG_2378.JPG IMG_2374.JPG IMG_2370.JPG IMG_2388.JPG IMG_2371.JPG IMG_2375.JPG IMG_2376.JPG IMG_2379.JPG IMG_2359.JPG IMG_2377.JPG IMG_2386.JPG IMG_2380.JPG IMG_2390.JPG IMG_2389.JPG IMG_2372.JPG

Jellyfish in the Nature Area

Jellyfish spent a productive day in the nature area today. They found the fairy doors using their observational skills. They tested cars on various surfaces seeing which one was best for speed, distance or crashing!! Jellyfish also built shelters for their little teddies, they admired each other's designs. I'm sure, after a full day outside, they will sleep well tonight!

IMG_6435.JPG IMG_6434.JPG IMG_6432.JPG IMG_6440.JPG IMG_6442.JPG IMG_6437.JPG IMG_6433.JPG IMG_6444.JPG IMG_6443.JPG IMG_6441.JPG IMG_6445.JPG IMG_6455.JPG IMG_6452.JPG IMG_6451.JPG IMG_6456.JPG IMG_6458.JPG IMG_6465.JPG IMG_6466.JPG IMG_6467.JPG IMG_6470.JPG IMG_6469.JPG IMG_6464.JPG IMG_6471.JPG IMG_6474.JPG IMG_6447.JPG IMG_6468.JPG IMG_6460.JPG IMG_6454.JPG IMG_6475.JPG IMG_6480.JPG IMG_6476.JPG IMG_6501.JPG IMG_6498.JPG IMG_6491.JPG IMG_6499.JPG IMG_6502.JPG IMG_6507.JPG IMG_6488.JPG IMG_6514.JPG IMG_6512.JPG IMG_6482.JPG IMG_6515.JPG IMG_6490.JPG IMG_6513.JPG IMG_6522.JPG IMG_6520.JPG IMG_6525.JPG IMG_6524.JPG IMG_6528.JPG IMG_6521.JPG IMG_6516.JPG IMG_6517.JPG IMG_6529.JPG

Remembrance Day

IMG_6254.JPG IMG_6255.JPG

1 Jellyfish counting outdoors

The children in went onto the field and looked for leaves and sticks. They counted the leaves they found and used them to write addition number sentences.

IMG_5814.JPG IMG_5813.JPG IMG_5828.JPG IMG_5826.JPG IMG_5816.JPG IMG_5851.JPG IMG_5853.JPG IMG_5856.JPG IMG_5847.JPG IMG_5857.JPG IMG_5861.JPG

1 Starfish looking for Symmetry in Shapes

IMG_5346.JPG IMG_5355.JPG IMG_5353.JPG IMG_5356.JPG IMG_5360.JPG IMG_5359.JPG IMG_5361.JPG IMG_5349.JPG

Learning about Senses

Year 1 have been learning all about senses in Science. We met with Olly the dog to think about how dogs senses are different to humans. Olly showed the children how he uses his sense to perform tricks and sniff out his favourite doggy treats!

IMG_4526.JPG IMG_4616.JPG IMG_4576.JPG IMG_4636.JPG IMG_4660.JPG

Starfish in the Nature Area

Starfish ventured into the nature area today. They worked all their senses very hard. They played hide and seek with dinosaurs, played a touchy feely guess the object game and also made their own pictures using natural materials. Starfish were kept very busy!

IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0477.JPG IMG_0469.JPG IMG_0479.JPG IMG_0480.JPG IMG_0484.JPG IMG_0474.JPG IMG_0485.JPG IMG_0486.JPG IMG_0489.JPG IMG_0481.JPG IMG_0491.JPG IMG_0493.JPG IMG_0494.JPG IMG_0496.JPG IMG_0495.JPG IMG_0498.JPG IMG_0468.JPG IMG_0499.JPG IMG_0500.JPG IMG_0497.JPG IMG_0506.JPG IMG_0507.JPG IMG_0509.JPG IMG_0510.JPG IMG_0492.JPG IMG_0511.JPG IMG_0513.JPG IMG_0508.JPG IMG_0483.JPG IMG_0503.JPG IMG_0518.JPG IMG_0519.JPG IMG_0521.JPG IMG_0512.JPG IMG_0523.JPG IMG_0517.JPG IMG_0524.JPG IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0525.JPG IMG_0527.JPG IMG_0530.JPG IMG_0522.JPG IMG_0526.JPG IMG_0514.JPG IMG_0532.JPG IMG_0537.JPG IMG_0531.JPG IMG_0538.JPG IMG_0533.JPG

Jellyfish in the Nature Area

Jellyfish used all their senses today in the nature area. They smelt different herbs discussing their texture and smells. After this, they moved onto making their own sweet-smelling potions for elves and fairies.

Using their eyes, they matched colours. This proved tricky but they had some successes.

We also played a guessing game. One person went off to find some items and then the other person had to feel and describe the item.

In the afternoon, Jellyfish enjoyed a fire and discussed the smells, sights and sounds they experienced.

IMG_5147.JPG IMG_5152.JPG IMG_5151.JPG IMG_5148.JPG IMG_5153.JPG IMG_5154.JPG IMG_5161.JPG IMG_5159.JPG IMG_5162.JPG IMG_5149.JPG IMG_5163.JPG IMG_5167.JPG IMG_5150.JPG IMG_5164.JPG IMG_5169.JPG IMG_5168.JPG IMG_5173.JPG IMG_5174.JPG IMG_5172.JPG IMG_5176.JPG IMG_5166.JPG IMG_5178.JPG IMG_5182.JPG IMG_5184.JPG IMG_5185.JPG IMG_5155.JPG IMG_5187.JPG IMG_5179.JPG IMG_5189.JPG IMG_5190.JPG IMG_5193.JPG IMG_5192.JPG IMG_5195.JPG IMG_5177.JPG IMG_5200.JPG IMG_5199.JPG IMG_5171.JPG IMG_5202.JPG IMG_5186.JPG IMG_5205.JPG IMG_5206.JPG IMG_5207.JPG IMG_5212.JPG IMG_5213.JPG IMG_5203.JPG IMG_5211.JPG IMG_5194.JPG IMG_5218.JPG IMG_5216.JPG IMG_5221.JPG IMG_5232.JPG IMG_5219.JPG IMG_5234.JPG IMG_5214.JPG IMG_5208.JPG IMG_5235.JPG IMG_5237.JPG IMG_5238.JPG IMG_5233.JPG IMG_5241.JPG IMG_5242.JPG IMG_5240.JPG IMG_5236.JPG IMG_5239.JPG IMG_5246.JPG IMG_5248.JPG IMG_5245.JPG IMG_5250.JPG IMG_5220.JPG IMG_5251.JPG IMG_5254.JPG IMG_5249.JPG IMG_5255.JPG IMG_5257.JPG IMG_5261.JPG IMG_5262.JPG IMG_5263.JPG IMG_5259.JPG IMG_5244.JPG IMG_5243.JPG IMG_5264.JPG

Jellyfish Hunting for Shapes

We have been learning the names of 2d shapes and their properties. We went for a walk around the school to see if we could spot any shapes we had learnt about.

IMG_4859.JPG IMG_4869.JPG IMG_4870.JPG IMG_4865.JPG IMG_4861.JPG

Starfish in the Nature Area

Starfish enjoyed their time in the nature area. They explored and used their senses to solve various challenges. We smelt herbs and learnt their names, listened carefully to sounds in the local environment and felt different textures. Starfish all enjoyed being in the shade on a very hot day!

IMG_5027.JPG IMG_5030.JPG IMG_5028.JPG IMG_5031.JPG IMG_5037.JPG IMG_5035.JPG IMG_5038.JPG IMG_5026.JPG IMG_5039.JPG IMG_5032.JPG IMG_5040.JPG IMG_5043.JPG IMG_5044.JPG IMG_5045.JPG IMG_5041.JPG IMG_5029.JPG IMG_5033.JPG IMG_5048.JPG IMG_5047.JPG IMG_5049.JPG IMG_5042.JPG

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Mar 17, 2023, 1:54 PM
Our OFSTED report
We are delighted to share our Ofsted report with you. As you know we had a team of inspectors visit us on February 8th and 9th…
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