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The latest news from Walter Tull & Rosa Parks

Eggnaut Experiment

5RP spent a busy afternoon making an eggnaut- a safe capsule for an egg to return to Earth. They dropped them from the balcony and did well to keep four out of five eggs intact. Well done 5RP.

They moved onto the nature area - digging, playing, climbing trees and building shelters.

IMG_9113.JPG IMG_9114.JPG IMG_9116.JPG IMG_9118.JPG IMG_9117.JPG IMG_9121.JPG IMG_9115.JPG IMG_9123.JPG IMG_9122.JPG IMG_9124.JPG IMG_9119.JPG IMG_9120.JPG IMG_9128.JPG IMG_9130.JPG IMG_9127.JPG IMG_9129.JPG IMG_9133.JPG IMG_9135.JPG IMG_9137.JPG IMG_9131.JPG IMG_9136.JPG IMG_9126.JPG IMG_9125.JPG

Designing Eggnauts

Today, Year 5 had a very busy time. They started in the studio designing an eggnaut. Our eggnaut had to withstand re-entry into our atmosphere and landing on the Earth. Keeping the egg safe was the priority and it could be no larger than 30x30cm and weigh no more than 500g. The children developed clear ideas and many included parachutes to try to combat the force of gravity. They dropped these from the balcony. Our results were exceptional, only one egg had a little crack in it. Good job Year 5!

Year 5 moved onto the nature area, having fun, digging, making flag poles, looking for bugs and playing on the swing and see-saw. A game of eagle eye followed which was a success for some, whilst others were found quickly.

IMG_8901.JPG IMG_8904.JPG IMG_8906.JPG IMG_8903.JPG IMG_8909.JPG IMG_8902.JPG IMG_8907.JPG IMG_8908.JPG IMG_8915.JPG IMG_8912.JPG IMG_8914.JPG IMG_8913.JPG IMG_8917.JPG IMG_8918.JPG IMG_8919.JPG IMG_8921.JPG IMG_8916.JPG IMG_8920.JPG IMG_8926.JPG IMG_8922.JPG IMG_8923.JPG IMG_8927.JPG IMG_8924.JPG IMG_8925.JPG IMG_8928.JPG IMG_8930.JPG IMG_8929.JPG IMG_8932.JPG IMG_8933.JPG IMG_8934.JPG IMG_8935.JPG IMG_8936.JPG IMG_8939.JPG IMG_8937.JPG IMG_8938.JPG IMG_8940.JPG IMG_8931.JPG

5 Walter Tull kicking off their new Earth and Space topic with a timed game of "Speed Planetting"!

9B2E1358-A9D4-4ED9-BB6D-F8A79C610B92.jpeg F1849373-CE06-4392-9FF0-3CA642275597.jpeg DB86A303-0AEF-4040-9FEE-DEDD2651C1B0.jpeg AD3141DE-077E-40DB-B9F4-B76483A323C4.jpeg 1763A427-B4E5-4386-A351-286542C2F1F2.jpeg

Remembrance Day Assembly

IMG_8320.JPG IMG_8294.JPG IMG_8298.JPG IMG_8295.JPG IMG_8299.JPG IMG_8303.JPG IMG_8304.JPG IMG_8297.JPG IMG_8292.JPG IMG_8301.JPG IMG_8307.JPG IMG_8309.JPG IMG_8308.JPG IMG_8311.JPG IMG_8306.JPG IMG_8315.JPG IMG_8316.JPG IMG_8317.JPG IMG_8310.JPG IMG_8305.JPG IMG_8293.JPG IMG_8318.JPG IMG_8314.JPG IMG_8319.JPG

A productive morning

Year 5 had an enjoyable morning in the nature area. Firstly, they moved pots, trays, baskets, bird boxes donated from Mrs Miller's neighbour. We are hoping to use these in our new sensory garden. Year 5 then discussed how materials react to fire, they discussed reversible and irreversible changes and were excited to observe what happened to plastic, paper, tissues, biscuits, marshmallows, foil and cardboard. After this, all the children enjoyed a smore - marshmallow encased in biscuits. Looking at materials again, Year 5, in groups, designed kites and as the wind became stronger tested them. They made improvements and assessed how they flew.

IMG_0011.JPG IMG_0013.JPG IMG_0056.JPG IMG_0048.JPG IMG_0052.JPG IMG_0012.JPG IMG_0014.JPG IMG_0016.JPG IMG_0054.JPG IMG_0045.JPG IMG_0062.JPG IMG_0058.JPG IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0060.JPG IMG_0063.JPG IMG_0070.JPG IMG_0072.JPG IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0069.JPG IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0050.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0046.JPG IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0075.JPG IMG_0076.JPG IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0443.JPG IMG_0453.JPG IMG_0074.JPG IMG_0445.JPG IMG_0475.JPG IMG_0472.JPG IMG_0473.JPG IMG_0471.JPG IMG_0463.JPG IMG_0461.JPG IMG_0478.JPG IMG_0479.JPG IMG_0483.JPG IMG_0476.JPG IMG_0487.JPG IMG_0485.JPG IMG_0482.JPG IMG_0480.JPG IMG_0497.JPG IMG_0492.JPG IMG_0490.JPG IMG_0493.JPG IMG_0502.JPG IMG_0489.JPG IMG_0504.JPG IMG_0488.JPG IMG_0499.JPG IMG_0505.JPG IMG_0503.JPG

5WT built nests for a baby dragon before writing stories, which focused on description.

Nature - nest 2.jpeg Nature - nest 5.jpeg Nature - nest 7.jpeg Nature - nest 6.jpeg

Walter Tull investigating

5WT enjoying their Science lesson today - they were investigating which materials dissolved in water.

Science - dissolving 1.jpeg Science - dissolving 2.jpeg Science - dissolving 3.jpeg Science - dissolving 5.jpg Science - dissolving 4.jpeg

News from 2021-2022

5 Rosa Parks Viking Brooch String Printing

IMG_0960.JPG IMG_0964.JPG IMG_0984.JPG IMG_0973.JPG IMG_0985.JPG IMG_0997.JPG IMG_1010.JPG IMG_1015.JPG IMG_0999.JPG IMG_1020.JPG IMG_1003.JPG IMG_0991.JPG IMG_1057.JPG IMG_0975.JPG

Indirock and Beach Trip

E6DDFEF3-72E1-40D5-8A15-D2B5EA9B3362.jpeg 8D9C64DD-B679-4F61-94FE-C1441CDFA998.jpeg 20220617_103926.jpg 20220617_103809.jpg 20220617_105602.jpg 20220617_105626.jpg 20220617_105917.jpg 20220617_105652.jpg 20220617_110525.jpg 20220617_111516.jpg 20220617_112028.jpg 20220617_112017.jpg 20220617_112005.jpg 20220617_112353.jpg 20220617_112336.jpg 20220617_105604.jpg A6F014B0-F16E-4190-A419-095D4F2498CC.jpeg 78E67432-FC8E-4103-AA67-32A870D95A13.jpeg E800262D-412F-4E99-9949-9FB76232F752.jpeg 89B917F3-5849-44B1-A113-658C144BFD3A.jpeg FBA1AA52-2FF6-4B49-A773-EE4ABD52FD7D.jpeg CB981D13-C01D-4375-8230-A60EC6563379.jpeg 20220617_124838.jpg 00BFD2E8-D3C2-422D-9147-66B29573DE8E.jpeg

Viking Day

IMG_0417.JPG IMG_0422.JPG IMG_0489.JPG IMG_0548.JPG IMG_0461.JPG IMG_0508.JPG IMG_0527.JPG IMG_0565.JPG IMG_0515.JPG IMG_0525.JPG IMG_0516.JPG IMG_0641.JPG IMG_0581.JPG IMG_0532.JPG IMG_0550.JPG IMG_0647.JPG IMG_0623.JPG IMG_0564.JPG IMG_0608.JPG IMG_0694.JPG IMG_0697.JPG IMG_0559.JPG IMG_0705.JPG IMG_0635.JPG 0B091E5D-9F60-4FC2-95F6-1993ED629065.jpeg 005F406E-6850-4D61-9799-0881BCF2D069.jpeg 50AF9195-306E-445E-8823-FAFAC4B2F8AD.jpeg A1A6DA2D-A46F-4165-B7BA-E203A122F43A.jpeg 9A1FA3A0-6CA7-4E90-B74F-F33EDF031781.jpeg 755DCC5F-3A79-417B-B77D-5EBA9DDCC64D.jpeg BBF832F4-ED20-4A74-BF7E-370F4E899A6A.jpeg CBAAF592-FF45-431E-9A43-18E2A5750C72.jpeg A302075D-5684-49D1-944C-5522B45595A2.jpeg 52EB15DD-BA9C-4F5A-A82D-79362C2AEB09.jpeg A1E96791-0E0F-459A-84CA-07E0B2387DD1.jpeg

Year 5 Art Workshop from St. Bernards

IMG_0167.JPG IMG_0209.JPG IMG_0293.JPG IMG_0214.JPG IMG_0233.JPG IMG_0196.JPG IMG_0213.JPG IMG_0199.JPG

5 Rosa Parks sorting shapes based on properties

IMG_0295.JPG IMG_0298.JPG IMG_0299.JPG

5 Rosa Parks investigating forces - air and water

IMG_0179.JPG IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0173.JPG IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0183.JPG IMG_0317.JPG IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0315.JPG IMG_0322.JPG IMG_0178.JPG IMG_0311.JPG

5 Rosa Parks exploring gravity using Newton meters

IMG_0152.JPG IMG_0156.JPG IMG_0153.JPG IMG_0161.JPG IMG_0158.JPG IMG_0166.JPG IMG_0163.JPG

World Book Day


Science- Plants

To see how much we could remember about the parts of plants, we had to guess the part of the plant from the clue and then create it out of collage materials.

IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0175.JPG IMG_0162.JPG IMG_0165.JPG IMG_0177.JPG IMG_0176.JPG IMG_0171.JPG IMG_0167.JPG IMG_0178.JPG

Maths- Area

The children investigated how to calculate area using multilink to fill the area of different objects.

IMG_0098.JPG IMG_0115.JPG IMG_0134.JPG IMG_0133.JPG IMG_0104.JPG IMG_0130.JPG IMG_0150.JPG IMG_0147.JPG IMG_0141.JPG IMG_0148.JPG IMG_0135.JPG

5 Rosa Parks Birdwatching

We found lots of different types of birds and enjoyed identifying them!

01BFEDCD-3F81-4A74-ADB5-7F7679249997.jpeg 0D78F1C9-E72F-49B2-8350-E287EBB0BBE2.jpeg 544548E1-B5C7-4778-9873-D8738A80CA50 (1).jpeg 076B75CD-0EF9-4101-BCF3-8EE275825E8B.jpeg 8ADBB010-A549-4513-AEE3-156DF65D768A.jpeg 076B75CD-0EF9-4101-BCF3-8EE275825E8B (1).jpeg A412B00D-FC8E-4CC4-8538-4C1D435BD25F.jpeg BFE5BB7B-5508-4776-A57D-84F49D0B81C7.jpeg C07268A5-2F50-42DE-B921-53853713E496.jpeg 544548E1-B5C7-4778-9873-D8738A80CA50.jpeg 9788E6C9-D2EE-4B63-994E-A0EC61B94775.jpeg


5RP were drawing chalk outlines around their shadows as part of their day and night lesson for science.

7B78382A-E966-47CE-BB7A-FFF2C025213A.jpeg BCDFE49B-54E1-41BF-961C-5EDA96B8841D.jpeg

An introduction to fractions

92DA0B7A-2397-4684-A262-8018C822AD6A.jpeg 88ED973C-67F1-46A7-8D5A-ABC79618A911.jpeg 7E94413C-F068-42A3-8CF5-C2E2C479CB92.jpeg

Rosa Parks in the Nature Area

5RP had a busy day in the nature area. Firstly, they explored, finding fairy doors and bird boxes. Next, we lit a fire and discussed what materials would burn and the reasons for this. We discussed the properties of these materials and used a wide vocabulary - reversible, irreversible changes and flammable. After this, we all enjoyed smores - some for the first time!

To finish the morning, we built our own dens, again thinking carefully about the materials we used. In the afternoon, we evaluated these dens, again thinking of the properties of each material. Our last activity of the day was to build and test a kite. As it was a windy day, it gave us good flying conditions but we had a mixture of success!

IMG_0229.JPG IMG_0230.JPG IMG_0234.JPG IMG_0232.JPG IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0240.JPG IMG_0233.JPG IMG_0239.JPG IMG_0246.JPG IMG_0249.JPG IMG_0241.JPG IMG_0252.JPG IMG_0254.JPG IMG_0251.JPG IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0231.JPG IMG_0258.JPG IMG_0278.JPG IMG_0248.JPG IMG_0281.JPG IMG_0276.JPG IMG_0282.JPG IMG_0291.JPG IMG_0255.JPG IMG_0294.JPG IMG_0290.JPG IMG_0264.JPG IMG_0285.JPG IMG_0292.JPG IMG_0297.JPG IMG_0280.JPG IMG_0284.JPG IMG_0293.JPG IMG_0296.JPG IMG_0316.JPG IMG_0288.JPG IMG_0287.JPG IMG_0298.JPG IMG_0301.JPG IMG_0313.JPG IMG_0314.JPG IMG_0318.JPG IMG_0308.JPG IMG_0300.JPG IMG_0289.JPG IMG_0309.JPG IMG_0307.JPG IMG_0312.JPG IMG_0306.JPG IMG_0311.JPG IMG_0310.JPG IMG_0304.JPG IMG_0322.JPG IMG_0332.JPG IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0334.JPG IMG_0323.JPG IMG_0321.JPG IMG_0335.JPG IMG_0331.JPG IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0339.JPG IMG_0325.JPG IMG_0336.JPG IMG_0338.JPG IMG_0343.JPG IMG_0341.JPG IMG_0344.JPG IMG_0340.JPG IMG_0349.JPG IMG_0350.JPG IMG_0347.JPG IMG_0355.JPG IMG_0353.JPG IMG_0357.JPG IMG_0356.JPG IMG_0359.JPG IMG_0354.JPG IMG_0351.JPG IMG_0361.JPG IMG_0346.JPG IMG_0363.JPG IMG_0369.JPG IMG_0367.JPG IMG_0362.JPG

Paper Gliders

5 Walter Tull took part in a STEM challenge to create a paper glider. They had to design, make, test and evaluate their gliders in teams and had lots of fun.

D7E3A5E7-CB28-4B5F-AC96-845FDEBF79BB.jpeg 3C9381D7-1A6D-464B-ACF7-8F738BCFD6C4.jpeg 4C9A9AB2-B74F-4624-8969-669468A538C7.jpeg 64FE5B55-CBC0-4105-A652-EAD43FDD7F2D.jpeg 9AEAE375-CDC3-47DD-8B23-D9FD0BA2BCA0.jpeg 8836D25F-B5D6-4888-BFD4-B75AEDE9B150.jpeg
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