Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs E Mouchel - Headteacher

Mrs P Faulkner - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs H Curtis - Assistant Headteacher & The Inclusion Manager for pupils with SEND

Our Teachers

Miss S Anderson
Mrs L Byfield
Mrs L Conyard
Miss A Cowperthwaite
Mr R Curtis
Mrs L de Rozario
Mrs H Driscoll
Mrs V Fisher
Mr C Gibson
Mrs S Giordmaina
Mrs N Hall
Mrs L Kearney
Mrs R Marshall
Miss P McGill
Mrs S Miller
Mrs H O'Byrne
Miss B Paice
Mrs S Pease
Mrs S Richards
Miss H Wallen
Ms A Walsh
Mrs S Watkins

Our Teaching Assistants

Miss C Allen
Mrs Z Alves
Mrs H Britt
Mrs M Clarke
Miss K Collins
Miss V Cooke
Mrs C Cooper
Mrs M Cowell
Mrs C Deadman
Mrs A Dogan
Miss M Gouveia Agriao
Mrs J Green
Mrs A Hardcastle
Miss M Hickey
Mrs I King
Mrs E Mertens
Mrs R Monahan
Miss C Purcell
Mrs C Raviraj
Miss C Rodrigues
Miss C Silk
Miss L Smith
Mrs D Warwick
Mrs S Watkins
Miss K Zarcheva

Our Administrative Team

Mrs S Walton - Officer Manager
Mrs S Sears - Finance/Clerical Assistant
Mrs L Felstead - Admin/Clerical Assistant

Our Midday Assistants

Mrs L Clarke - Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Barnetson
Mrs A Brackenbury
Miss V Cooke
Mrs B English
Mrs M Fenton
Mrs A Fragnito
Mrs J Gayle
Miss L Hayward
Mrs R Miranda-Texta
Mrs J Oteng
Miss J Sereno
Mrs M Velleman

Our Catering Team

Mrs M Butcher - Catering Manager
Mrs D Ives - Assistant Cook
Mrs E Butcher - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L Perry - Kitchen Assistant

Our Site Manager

Mr S Nimmo

Our Cleaners

Mrs K Hamilton
Mrs M Butcher
Mrs B Szymanska
MIss S Bakar
Mrs A Muliukina

Our Breakfast Club Team

Mrs J Green
Miss C Rodrigues

Our After School Club Team

Miss C Purcell
Mrs M Clarke
Mrs H Britt
Mrs Z Alves
Miss M Gouveia Agriao

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Wishing you all a happy and holy Easter. Enjoy the holiday. EASTER EGG COMPETITION Well done to everyone who took part.…
Mar 22, 2024, 9:52 AM
Hot Cross Run
Children from the juniors took part in the Hot Cross Run at St. Thomas More on Wednesday, 20th March. They all enjoyed the…
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