Hot Cross Run

Mar 22, 2024, 9:52 AM

Children from the juniors took part in the Hot Cross Run at St. Thomas More on Wednesday, 20th March. They all enjoyed the event and we are very proud of them. A big thank you to Mr Lee for taking these wonderful photographs.

Hot_X_Run_31.JPG Hot_X_Run_0.JPG Hot_X_Run_1.JPG Hot_X_Run_15.JPG Hot_X_Run_4.JPG Hot_X_Run_16.JPG Hot_X_Run_21.JPG Hot_X_Run_19.JPG Hot_X_Run_17.JPG Hot_X_Run_3.JPG Hot_X_Run_2.JPG Hot_X_Run_23.JPG Hot_X_Run_24.JPG Hot_X_Run_25.JPG Hot_X_Run_27.JPG Hot_X_Run_29.JPG Hot_X_Run_26.JPG Hot_X_Run_28.JPG Hot_X_Run_22.JPG Hot_X_Run_20.JPG Hot_X_Run_35.JPG Hot_X_Run_30.JPG Hot_X_Run_33.JPG Hot_X_Run_34.JPG Hot_X_Run_18.JPG Hot_X_Run_32.JPG
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