Athletics Championships

Jun 13, 2024, 8:57 AM

The children had a fabulous time representing St. Helen's at the Athletics Championships.

Here we are celebrating coming 3rd overall! Well done everyone.

A special thank you to Mr Lee for the fabulous photographs.

paste.png paste1.png IMG_5039.jpg
BS_Garons_24_02.jpg BS_Garons_24_03.jpg BS_Garons_24_01.jpg BS_Garons_24_04.jpg BS_Garons_24_08.jpg BS_Garons_24_05.jpg BS_Garons_24_06.jpg BS_Garons_24_13.jpg BS_Garons_24_15.jpg BS_Garons_24_16.jpg BS_Garons_24_14.jpg BS_Garons_24_11.jpg BS_Garons_24_10.jpg BS_Garons_24_18.jpg BS_Garons_24_12.jpg BS_Garons_24_19.jpg BS_Garons_24_22.jpg BS_Garons_24_07.jpg BS_Garons_24_23.jpg BS_Garons_24_20.jpg BS_Garons_24_09.jpg BS_Garons_24_27.jpg BS_Garons_24_26.jpg BS_Garons_24_17.jpg BS_Garons_24_28.jpg BS_Garons_24_Medals_Trophies_ SPECIAL EDIT.jpg BS_Garons_24_25.jpg BS_Garons_24_24.jpg BS_Garons_24_30.jpg BS_Garons_24_29.jpg
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