St. Helen's Sports Day

Jul 13, 2020, 10:16 AM

Well the scores are in for the first St Helen’s Virtual Sports Day

589 points scored in total which shows a phenomenal amount of work on the children’s part. It was brilliant to see so many children taking part. Thank you so much for all your wonderful photos and videos.

Well done and thank you everyone, including parents who took part and helped to arrange and record the activities.

In time honored reverse order:

In 4th place with 120 points is St Patrick’s house.

In 3rd place with 136 points is St George’s House.

So with just 1 points between them we have...

St David’s the winners with 167 points!

St Andrews scoring 166 points.

So congratulations to St David’s house virtual sports team worthy winners of the Virtual House Cup celebrations!
Reuben 2.png Joy 3.png IMG_1762.JPG IMG_1747.JPG IMG_1781.JPG IMG_1779.JPG IMG_1768.JPG 20200712_113330.jpg Pier July 2020.jpg IMG_20200530_140737.jpg 20200713_103321.jpg Fox 3.png IMG_20200530_120157.jpg IMG_1768.JPG Fox 1.png Child 1.png IMG_20200614_132422.jpg IMG_1762.JPG IMG_20200605_201429.jpg IMG_20200712_123727596_HDR.jpg Fox 2.png IMG_20200712_163948_1.jpg Joy 1.png IMG_20200712_124147308.jpg Joy 2.png IMG_20200713_143508904.jpg IMG_1779.JPG Shirley 2.png 20200714_141904.jpg Oliver 2.png Oliver 1.png 20200714_141549.jpg Reuben 3.png Oliver 3.png received_946020985869953.jpeg IMG-20200714-WA0006.jpg Honey Rose.png Zoe 1.png Reuben 1.png received_1205706146456175.jpeg Zoe 2.png 20200714_141826.jpg received_280445316365712.jpeg Tum 3.png Tum 2.png Tum 1.png 20200516_162942.jpg 20200519_140343.jpg 20200516_162943.jpg Elijah 3.png Elijah 2.png IMG-20200714-WA0008.jpg IMG-20200715-WA0011.jpg Elijah 1.png
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