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June Science Challenge


TRY THIS .... Speedy reactions

Hold the top of a ruler with your fingers on 30cm and your arm stretched out in front of you so the ruler is hanging down. Ask a friend/family member to put their thumb and index finger around the bottom of the ruler but not touching it. They should watch carefully, and when you drop the ruler, they need to catch it as quickly as they can. Record the measurement on the ruler where they caught it. The lower the measurement, the faster their reaction time. Now swap over or find other people to have a go. Let each person have three turns and record the average value.


Things to talk about ...

Who has the quickest reactions in your family and friends? Is there a difference in younger and older people’s reaction times? Do you get quicker at catching the ruler the more you try? How else could you test your reactions?

Once again, email photos/answers to or send to Mrs Miller in year 6. Can’t wait to see your scores.

Science Update

Science is strong at St. Helen's. Each year group has covered a variety of interesting topics this half term, mainly living things and their habitats. Good use has been made of all the outdoor areas our school offers to bring this learning to life. Enjoy looking at the photos from various classrooms.

IMG_6796.JPG IMG_6797.JPG IMG_6798.JPG IMG_6803.JPG IMG_6800.JPG IMG_6804.JPG IMG_6805.JPG IMG_6799.JPG IMG_6807.JPG IMG_6801.JPG IMG_6802.JPG IMG_6806.JPG IMG_6809.JPG IMG_6816.JPG IMG_6808.JPG IMG_6815.JPG IMG_6813.JPG IMG_6811.JPG IMG_6814.JPG IMG_6810.JPG IMG_6819.JPG IMG_6817.JPG

Science Week

The children had a busy time during Science week. They each designed a poster about the topic - Growth. The winners are shown here and we hope they enjoy their prizes.

Last Friday, the classes moved around the school to view the work completed by other classes and deepen their learning of this topic. All the children loved the walk about and admiring work from their peers.

IMG_2870.JPG IMG_2861.JPG IMG_2862.JPG IMG_2863.JPG IMG_2868.JPG IMG_2859.JPG IMG_2864.JPG IMG_2871.JPG IMG_2873.JPG IMG_2872.JPG IMG_2865.JPG IMG_2869.JPG IMG_2875.JPG IMG_2877.JPG IMG_2882.JPG IMG_2883.JPG IMG_2874.JPG IMG_2884.JPG IMG_2885.JPG IMG_2876.JPG IMG_2879.JPG IMG_2878.JPG IMG_2866.JPG IMG_2887.JPG IMG_2888.JPG IMG_2891.JPG IMG_2892.JPG IMG_2893.JPG IMG_2899.JPG IMG_2894.JPG IMG_2898.JPG IMG_2900.JPG IMG_2905.JPG IMG_2906.JPG IMG_2886.JPG IMG_6541.JPG IMG_2901.JPG IMG_6542.JPG IMG_6544.JPG IMG_6547.JPG IMG_6546.JPG IMG_2907.JPG IMG_6549.JPG IMG_2909.JPG IMG_2908.JPG IMG_6554.JPG IMG_6552.JPG IMG_6565.JPG IMG_6570.JPG IMG_6566.JPG IMG_6575.JPG IMG_6577.JPG IMG_6578.JPG IMG_6576.JPG IMG_6574.JPG IMG_6572.JPG IMG_6556.JPG IMG_6582.JPG IMG_6580.JPG IMG_6583.JPG IMG_6579.JPG IMG_6586.JPG IMG_6584.JPG IMG_6588.JPG IMG_6585.JPG IMG_6590.JPG IMG_6592.JPG IMG_6587.JPG IMG_6581.JPG IMG_6594.JPG IMG_6595.JPG IMG_6597.JPG IMG_6596.JPG IMG_6589.JPG IMG_6600.JPG IMG_6598.JPG IMG_6601.JPG IMG_6593.JPG IMG_6591.JPG IMG_6599.JPG IMG_6602.JPG IMG_6606.JPG IMG_6607.JPG IMG_6609.JPG IMG_6612.JPG IMG_6613.JPG IMG_6620.JPG IMG_6610.JPG IMG_6603.JPG IMG_6622.JPG IMG_6608.JPG IMG_6626.JPG IMG_6624.JPG IMG_6621.JPG IMG_6629.JPG IMG_6625.JPG IMG_6628.JPG IMG_6631.JPG IMG_6623.JPG IMG_6632.JPG IMG_6627.JPG

Spring One

Look how hard the classes have been learning scientific vocabulary this half term.

IMG_6255.JPG IMG_6257.JPG IMG_6261.JPG IMG_6256.JPG IMG_6260.JPG IMG_6263.JPG IMG_6262.JPG IMG_6259.JPG IMG_6264.JPG IMG_6268.JPG IMG_6270.JPG IMG_6265.JPG

Well done to a pupil in 2 Seahorses for trying the January Science challenge


Float or sink?

Two clever pupils both investigated what items float and sink, also whether the shape of the item makes a difference! Why not have a try yourself and sent your results to Mrs Miller or

1991743204_20220116_140842_7110103_resized.jpg 20220116_144755.jpg 20220116_142119.jpg

Abigail also enjoyed the science challenge. She was surprised that the ball of tin foil floated and the flat piece sunk; also that different parts of the orange were able to float. Very interesting!

20220126_123840.jpg 20220126_124054.jpg 20220126_124127.jpg

How our working wall works

Look how much work each class has been completing this term for Science. Every class has a working wall where vocabulary is displayed and their meanings explained. Also children's work and photos of activities are shown. The class can refer to this wall throughout their topic providing extra support and help where needed.

IMG_5435.JPG IMG_5429.JPG IMG_5432.JPG IMG_5423.JPG IMG_5427.JPG IMG_5441.JPG IMG_5440.JPG IMG_5430.JPG IMG_5436.JPG IMG_5612.JPG IMG_5444.JPG IMG_5619.JPG IMG_5445.JPG IMG_5616.JPG IMG_5625.JPG IMG_5622.JPG IMG_5632.JPG IMG_5645.JPG IMG_5642.JPG IMG_5627.JPG IMG_5629.JPG IMG_5646.JPG

November Science Challenge Results!

Thank you to all the children that took part in November's Science Challenge - very well done for taking up the challenge.

The winner produced a brilliant blog/short podcast explaining what happens to the light as it hits water.



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