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Mrs Bishop
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Miss Zarcheva
Mrs Collins

Mrs Watkins

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Mrs Alves
Mrs Collins


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Eco Schools Work

Squirrel class were told about how we are going to focus on 'litter' and the 'ocean' next year as part of our Eco Schools work. They loved the story, 'Somebody swallowed Stanley' and were inspired to look for litter in their reception garden. We made sure we washed our hands thoroughly after picking up the litter.

IMG_1431.JPG IMG_1432.JPG IMG_1433.JPG

Hedgehogs in the Nature Area

IMG_1806.JPG IMG_1789.JPG IMG_1792.JPG IMG_1796.JPG IMG_1790.JPG IMG_1801.JPG IMG_1793.JPG IMG_1802.JPG IMG_1787.JPG IMG_1808.JPG IMG_1807.JPG IMG_1804.JPG IMG_1810.JPG IMG_1812.JPG IMG_1813.JPG IMG_1815.JPG IMG_1816.JPG IMG_1799.JPG IMG_1809.JPG IMG_1821.JPG IMG_1822.JPG IMG_1820.JPG IMG_1824.JPG IMG_1827.JPG IMG_1828.JPG IMG_1823.JPG IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1825.JPG IMG_1833.JPG IMG_1836.JPG IMG_1838.JPG IMG_1842.JPG IMG_1843.JPG IMG_1840.JPG IMG_1846.JPG IMG_1848.JPG IMG_1844.JPG IMG_1851.JPG IMG_1849.JPG IMG_1853.JPG IMG_1855.JPG IMG_1852.JPG IMG_1856.JPG IMG_1819.JPG IMG_1858.JPG IMG_1861.JPG IMG_1863.JPG IMG_1850.JPG IMG_1864.JPG IMG_1866.JPG IMG_1865.JPG IMG_1867.JPG IMG_1870.JPG IMG_1871.JPG IMG_1872.JPG IMG_1873.JPG IMG_1874.JPG IMG_1868.JPG IMG_1878.JPG IMG_1879.JPG IMG_1880.JPG IMG_1881.JPG IMG_1882.JPG IMG_1883.JPG IMG_1884.JPG IMG_1875.JPG IMG_1886.JPG IMG_1798.JPG IMG_1891.JPG IMG_1892.JPG IMG_1894.JPG IMG_1896.JPG IMG_1895.JPG IMG_1857.JPG IMG_1888.JPG IMG_1897.JPG IMG_1898.JPG IMG_1901.JPG IMG_1900.JPG IMG_1904.JPG IMG_1902.JPG IMG_1905.JPG IMG_1899.JPG IMG_1908.JPG IMG_1907.JPG IMG_1909.JPG IMG_1903.JPG IMG_1911.JPG IMG_1912.JPG IMG_1913.JPG IMG_1910.JPG IMG_1915.JPG IMG_1906.JPG IMG_1916.JPG IMG_1914.JPG IMG_1917.JPG IMG_1797.JPG IMG_1860.JPG IMG_1918.JPG IMG_1805.JPG

A happy week of learning inside and out for the Hedgehogs and Squirrels

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Hedgehogs Big Outdoor Adventure

Hedgehogs had a wonderful day in the nature area. For the first time, they had a fire, cooking marshmallows and popcorn which were enjoyed by all. Some children used their creation to feed the birds - I'm sure the squirrels will have fun too! Later, we embarked on a nature hunt checking for snails, flowers, bark and more.

In the afternoon, the children built their own shelter from the wolf as we had been looking at The Three Little Pigs story. We also had a good game of hide and seek!

IMG_1792.JPG IMG_1793.JPG IMG_1790.JPG IMG_1795.JPG IMG_1789.JPG IMG_1791.JPG IMG_1794.JPG IMG_1801.JPG IMG_1800.JPG IMG_1803.JPG IMG_1804.JPG IMG_1806.JPG IMG_1807.JPG IMG_1797.JPG IMG_1802.JPG IMG_1796.JPG IMG_1812.JPG IMG_1798.JPG IMG_1810.JPG IMG_1811.JPG IMG_1818.JPG IMG_1819.JPG IMG_1809.JPG IMG_1827.JPG IMG_1815.JPG IMG_1817.JPG IMG_1826.JPG IMG_1832.JPG IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1831.JPG IMG_1835.JPG IMG_1833.JPG IMG_1814.JPG IMG_1838.JPG IMG_1840.JPG IMG_1834.JPG IMG_1841.JPG IMG_1842.JPG IMG_1836.JPG IMG_1828.JPG IMG_1844.JPG IMG_1845.JPG IMG_1848.JPG IMG_1847.JPG IMG_1837.JPG IMG_1843.JPG IMG_1856.JPG IMG_1849.JPG IMG_1859.JPG IMG_1860.JPG IMG_1861.JPG IMG_1853.JPG IMG_1858.JPG IMG_1865.JPG IMG_1866.JPG IMG_1851.JPG IMG_1846.JPG IMG_1863.JPG
IMG_0806.JPG IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0802.JPG IMG_0803.JPG IMG_0808.JPG IMG_0809.JPG IMG_0811.JPG IMG_0814.JPG IMG_0818.JPG IMG_0812.JPG IMG_0815.JPG IMG_0819.JPG IMG_0820.JPG IMG_0821.JPG



Playing and Learning Outside

Hedgehogs have been having a fabulous time outside.

IMG_1425.JPG IMG_1426.JPG IMG_E1261.JPG IMG_E1263.JPG IMG_1424.JPG IMG_1428.JPG IMG_E1279.JPG IMG_E1284.JPG IMG_E1350.JPG IMG_E1315.JPG IMG_1427.JPG IMG_1429.JPG IMG_E1372.JPG IMG_E1270.JPG


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