Welcome to Hedgehogs and Squirrels

Hedgehogs Teachers: Mrs Faulkner & Mrs deRozario

Learning Support Assistants:
Miss Rodrigues
Miss Collins
Mrs Warwick

Squirrels Teacher: Mrs Watkins

Learning Support Assistants:
Mrs Allen
Mrs Fenton


The latest news from Hedgehogs and Squirrels

A happy week of learning inside and out for the Hedgehogs and Squirrels

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Playing and Learning Outside

Hedgehogs have been having a fabulous time outside.

IMG_1425.JPG IMG_1426.JPG IMG_E1261.JPG IMG_E1263.JPG IMG_1424.JPG IMG_1428.JPG IMG_E1279.JPG IMG_E1284.JPG IMG_E1350.JPG IMG_E1315.JPG IMG_1427.JPG IMG_1429.JPG IMG_E1372.JPG IMG_E1270.JPG

Welcome to Hedgehogs and Squirrels

Come and take a look around your new class.


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