Welcome to Class 6

Class Teachers:

St. Raphael
Mrs Richards and Mrs Miller

Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Green
Mrs Hawthorne

St. Anthony
Miss Leah Appleyard

Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Monahan


The latest news from St. Raphael & St. Anthony

Bug Art

Year 6 followed the work of Natalie McIntyre and enjoyed studying her amazing, meticulous pencil drawings of bugs. they had a try themselves later in the day, testing their observational and pencil skills.

IMG_5163.JPG IMG_5162.JPG IMG_5164.JPG IMG_5165.JPG IMG_5168.JPG IMG_5169.JPG IMG_5170.JPG IMG_5173.JPG IMG_5171.JPG IMG_5172.JPG IMG_5166.JPG IMG_5174.JPG IMG_5167.JPG

Looking for Angles

This morning, Year 6 went on an angle hunt - classifying and finding acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex angles. Using protractors back in class, we began to measure different angles.

IMG_5152.JPG IMG_5153.JPG IMG_5151.JPG IMG_5155.JPG IMG_5157.JPG IMG_5159.JPG IMG_5161.JPG IMG_5158.JPG IMG_5156.JPG IMG_5160.JPG

Detective Day

Today, Year 6 were making quadrilaterals and recognising their properties using the geoboards and elastic bands. In the afternoon, the class became crime detectives. Taking fingerprints, comparing handwriting and identifying shoe sizes, makes and brands were all worked upon with varying success. The children all enjoyed being detectives for the day- a future job for some perhaps!

IMG_5113.JPG IMG_5114.JPG IMG_5116.JPG IMG_5119.JPG IMG_5120.JPG IMG_5121.JPG IMG_5122.JPG IMG_5124.JPG IMG_5125.JPG IMG_5117.JPG IMG_5118.JPG IMG_5128.JPG IMG_5123.JPG IMG_5115.JPG IMG_5132.JPG IMG_5127.JPG IMG_5134.JPG IMG_5135.JPG IMG_5130.JPG IMG_5137.JPG IMG_5136.JPG IMG_5133.JPG IMG_5141.JPG IMG_5142.JPG IMG_5143.JPG IMG_5140.JPG IMG_5138.JPG IMG_5126.JPG IMG_5145.JPG IMG_5144.JPG IMG_5148.JPG IMG_5146.JPG IMG_5150.JPG IMG_5149.JPG IMG_5129.JPG IMG_5147.JPG

Outdoor learning

Today, Year 6 went into the nature area. they investigated bug life, discussed habitats and made some food for herbivores. They found some interesting ways of experimenting and displaying the food to make it as tasty as possible for a bug!! We all enjoyed being outside and working together!

IMG_5070.JPG IMG_5064.JPG IMG_5069.JPG IMG_5068.JPG IMG_5073.JPG IMG_5075.JPG IMG_5067.JPG IMG_5071.JPG IMG_5076.JPG IMG_5072.JPG IMG_5078.JPG IMG_5082.JPG IMG_5085.JPG IMG_5079.JPG IMG_5084.JPG IMG_5086.JPG IMG_5083.JPG IMG_5088.JPG IMG_5080.JPG IMG_5090.JPG IMG_5091.JPG IMG_5092.JPG IMG_5074.JPG IMG_5077.JPG IMG_5094.JPG IMG_5098.JPG IMG_5097.JPG IMG_5101.JPG IMG_5100.JPG IMG_5089.JPG IMG_5103.JPG IMG_5105.JPG IMG_5104.JPG IMG_5107.JPG IMG_5093.JPG IMG_5108.JPG IMG_5102.JPG IMG_5096.JPG

Sorting Shapes

Today year 6 enjoyed sorting shapes practically. They sorted them in all different ways - colour, size, number of sides, quadrilaterals, polygons, regular and irregular. It was a good start to our shape work.

IMG_5051.JPG IMG_5050.JPG IMG_5054.JPG IMG_5053.JPG IMG_5055.JPG IMG_5052.JPG IMG_5059.JPG IMG_5061.JPG IMG_5062.JPG IMG_5058.JPG IMG_5057.JPG IMG_5056.JPG IMG_5063.JPG IMG_5060.JPG

2020 - 2021

Our leavers loving life

Such a wonderful class, we will miss you very much but know you will always be brilliant.

IMG_2471.JPG IMG_2478.JPG IMG_2479.JPG IMG_2480.JPG IMG_2476.JPG IMG_2483.JPG IMG_2477.JPG IMG_2484.JPG IMG_2486.JPG IMG_2474.JPG IMG_2485.JPG IMG_2489.JPG IMG_2490.JPG IMG_2488.JPG IMG_2492.JPG IMG_2495.JPG IMG_2496.JPG IMG_2481.JPG IMG_2499.JPG IMG_2497.JPG IMG_2487.JPG IMG_2502.JPG IMG_2491.JPG IMG_2482.JPG IMG_2505.JPG IMG_2506.JPG IMG_2503.JPG IMG_2508.JPG IMG_2509.JPG IMG_2500.JPG IMG_2511.JPG IMG_2512.JPG IMG_2514.JPG IMG_2510.JPG IMG_2504.JPG IMG_2517.JPG IMG_2507.JPG IMG_2516.JPG IMG_2521.JPG IMG_2522.JPG IMG_2501.JPG IMG_2520.JPG IMG_2518.JPG IMG_2527.JPG IMG_2528.JPG IMG_2529.JPG IMG_2530.JPG IMG_2524.JPG IMG_2526.JPG IMG_2532.JPG IMG_2531.JPG IMG_2525.JPG IMG_2536.JPG IMG_2535.JPG IMG_2533.JPG IMG_2540.JPG IMG_2539.JPG IMG_2537.JPG IMG_2534.JPG IMG_2523.JPG
IMG_0123.jpg IMG_0115.jpg IMG_0121.jpg IMG_0117.jpg

Adventure Day

On Friday 9 July, Year 6 enjoyed all the activities for Adventure Day. They started with a few problem solving challenges which did make them all think! Moving onto bouncy castles, obstacle races and penalty shoot outs after lunch. they also enjoyed fish and chips, followed by ice- cream.

Thank you to the PTA and school for providing the food and activities for the day. A fabulous day was had by all!!

IMG_4639.JPG IMG_4638.JPG IMG_4641.JPG IMG_4643.JPG IMG_4645.JPG IMG_4646.JPG IMG_4644.JPG IMG_4647.JPG IMG_4637.JPG IMG_4650.JPG IMG_4651.JPG IMG_4652.JPG IMG_4640.JPG IMG_4653.JPG IMG_4642.JPG IMG_4649.JPG IMG_4655.JPG IMG_4658.JPG IMG_4659.JPG IMG_4660.JPG IMG_4661.JPG IMG_4648.JPG IMG_4663.JPG IMG_4656.JPG IMG_4665.JPG IMG_4662.JPG IMG_4666.JPG IMG_4667.JPG IMG_4664.JPG IMG_4657.JPG IMG_4669.JPG IMG_4668.JPG IMG_4673.JPG IMG_4670.JPG IMG_4675.JPG IMG_4671.JPG IMG_4677.JPG IMG_4654.JPG IMG_4676.JPG IMG_4679.JPG IMG_4674.JPG IMG_4672.JPG IMG_4682.JPG IMG_4681.JPG IMG_4678.JPG IMG_4685.JPG IMG_4687.JPG IMG_4686.JPG IMG_4688.JPG IMG_4858.JPG IMG_4857.JPG IMG_4862.JPG IMG_4864.JPG IMG_4866.JPG IMG_4684.JPG IMG_4861.JPG IMG_4871.JPG IMG_4875.JPG IMG_4877.JPG IMG_4873.JPG IMG_4680.JPG IMG_4683.JPG IMG_4868.JPG IMG_4885.JPG IMG_4880.JPG IMG_4882.JPG IMG_4892.JPG IMG_4890.JPG IMG_4896.JPG IMG_4887.JPG IMG_4894.JPG IMG_4889.JPG IMG_4900.JPG IMG_4898.JPG IMG_4878.JPG IMG_4907.JPG IMG_4904.JPG IMG_4902.JPG

Having a wonderful time together

Year 6 enjoyed their visit to the beach today. They played cut the rope, fish, otter and eagle followed by jumping crabs! The children became competitive. After this, they played in and out of the water and skimmed stones with some success. Lunchtime couldn't come quickly enough! In the afternoon, we held the best, brightest, colourful, patterned stone competition. Have a look for the winner! It was a slow walk back to school up all the steps by the Cliffs Pavilion. We think Year 6 will sleep well tonight!

IMG_4490.JPG IMG_4484.JPG IMG_4487.JPG IMG_4488.JPG IMG_4485.JPG IMG_4492.JPG IMG_4491.JPG IMG_4493.JPG IMG_4495.JPG IMG_4494.JPG IMG_4483.JPG IMG_4496.JPG IMG_4498.JPG IMG_4500.JPG IMG_4499.JPG IMG_4502.JPG IMG_4486.JPG IMG_4504.JPG IMG_4501.JPG IMG_4505.JPG IMG_4506.JPG IMG_4497.JPG IMG_4507.JPG IMG_4510.JPG IMG_4503.JPG IMG_4512.JPG IMG_4513.JPG IMG_4489.JPG IMG_4508.JPG IMG_4515.JPG IMG_4516.JPG IMG_4509.JPG IMG_4518.JPG IMG_4519.JPG IMG_4521.JPG IMG_4517.JPG IMG_4523.JPG IMG_4511.JPG IMG_4524.JPG IMG_4520.JPG IMG_4526.JPG IMG_4514.JPG IMG_4527.JPG IMG_4525.JPG IMG_4532.JPG IMG_4533.JPG IMG_4528.JPG IMG_4530.JPG IMG_4536.JPG IMG_4537.JPG IMG_4538.JPG IMG_4539.JPG IMG_4540.JPG IMG_4541.JPG IMG_4534.JPG IMG_4522.JPG IMG_4535.JPG IMG_4544.JPG IMG_4546.JPG IMG_4545.JPG IMG_4549.JPG IMG_4547.JPG IMG_4550.JPG IMG_4552.JPG IMG_4542.JPG IMG_4553.JPG IMG_4554.JPG IMG_4551.JPG IMG_4556.JPG IMG_4543.JPG IMG_4557.JPG IMG_4560.JPG IMG_4559.JPG IMG_4555.JPG IMG_4563.JPG IMG_4529.JPG IMG_4562.JPG IMG_4565.JPG IMG_4566.JPG IMG_4558.JPG IMG_4567.JPG IMG_4564.JPG IMG_4571.JPG IMG_4561.JPG IMG_4570.JPG IMG_4569.JPG IMG_4573.JPG IMG_4578.JPG IMG_4579.JPG IMG_4576.JPG IMG_4575.JPG IMG_4581.JPG IMG_4583.JPG IMG_4580.JPG IMG_4584.JPG IMG_4582.JPG IMG_4587.JPG IMG_4588.JPG IMG_4586.JPG IMG_4592.JPG IMG_4590.JPG IMG_4568.JPG IMG_4589.JPG IMG_4593.JPG IMG_4577.JPG IMG_4599.JPG IMG_4601.JPG IMG_4602.JPG IMG_4598.JPG IMG_4597.JPG IMG_4596.JPG IMG_4595.JPG

Year 6 visited the Nature Area today and created their own fun and games!!

IMG_4463.JPG IMG_4467.JPG IMG_4464.JPG IMG_4473.JPG IMG_4465.JPG IMG_4469.JPG IMG_4474.JPG IMG_4476.JPG IMG_4475.JPG IMG_4477.JPG IMG_4468.JPG IMG_4481.JPG IMG_4480.JPG IMG_4470.JPG IMG_4482.JPG


Year 6 found out about refraction - the bending of light. They investigated what happens when light passes through various liquids including water and oil.

IMG_4315.JPG IMG_4318.JPG IMG_4314.JPG IMG_4321.JPG IMG_4319.JPG IMG_4316.JPG IMG_4324.JPG IMG_4325.JPG IMG_4323.JPG IMG_4317.JPG IMG_4320.JPG IMG_4326.JPG IMG_4322.JPG IMG_4329.JPG IMG_4327.JPG IMG_4328.JPG


Year 6 took part in a Science morning provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry and FitzWimarc School. We performed a chromatography experiment and tested for acids and alkalines in a variety of liquids/solids using red cabbage as an indicator. Our results are shown but we all decided our morning was 10 out of 10.

IMG_4268.JPG IMG_4271.JPG IMG_4270.JPG IMG_4272.JPG IMG_4274.JPG IMG_4269.JPG IMG_4277.JPG IMG_4280.JPG IMG_4281.JPG IMG_4282.JPG IMG_4276.JPG IMG_4283.JPG IMG_4278.JPG IMG_4286.JPG IMG_4287.JPG IMG_4288.JPG IMG_4285.JPG IMG_4284.JPG IMG_4290.JPG IMG_4292.JPG IMG_4289.JPG IMG_4279.JPG IMG_4275.JPG IMG_4291.JPG

Measurement and Scale

Wednesday saw Year 6 visit the nature area. As always, they undertook some jobs and play! They also measured various areas within the nature area to use the information to make scale drawings back in class.

IMG_4244.JPG IMG_4245.JPG IMG_4249.JPG IMG_4248.JPG IMG_4252.JPG IMG_4251.JPG IMG_4246.JPG IMG_4253.JPG IMG_4255.JPG IMG_4256.JPG IMG_4254.JPG IMG_4257.JPG IMG_4260.JPG IMG_4259.JPG IMG_4262.JPG IMG_4263.JPG IMG_4250.JPG IMG_4266.JPG IMG_4265.JPG IMG_4264.JPG IMG_4267.JPG IMG_4247.JPG IMG_4261.JPG IMG_4258.JPG

Year 6 Retreat Day

On Tuesday 4 May, Year 6 were visited by the Walsingham House team. The theme of the day was 'You are God's work of Art'. Year 6 completed a journal and shared memories of their time here at school. They discussed their differing personalities, hopes for the future and favourite interests. We discussed what makes us unique.

IMG_4225.JPG IMG_4227.JPG IMG_4229.JPG IMG_4230.JPG IMG_4226.JPG IMG_4228.JPG IMG_4233.JPG IMG_4234.JPG IMG_4232.JPG IMG_4235.JPG IMG_4238.JPG IMG_4239.JPG IMG_4236.JPG IMG_4231.JPG IMG_4241.JPG IMG_4242.JPG IMG_4240.JPG IMG_4237.JPG


This afternoon, Year 6 investigated how light travels. They found out it is very speedy and always travels in straight lines.

IMG_4213.JPG IMG_4211.JPG IMG_4214.JPG IMG_4216.JPG IMG_4215.JPG IMG_4217.JPG IMG_4219.JPG IMG_4222.JPG IMG_4212.JPG IMG_4218.JPG IMG_4220.JPG IMG_4221.JPG

Smarties Experiment

Year 6 enjoyed their ratio experiments today with a packet of Smarties. We discussed the ratios of fat/protein/sugar in each pack, serving and 100g. Interesting results were found, which led to discussions regarding healthy eating! After we moved onto comparing colours and amounts of sweets in each packet with an understanding that every pack is different!

IMG_4173.JPG IMG_4174.JPG IMG_4179.JPG IMG_4175.JPG IMG_4181.JPG IMG_4176.JPG IMG_4183.JPG IMG_4184.JPG IMG_4180.JPG IMG_4182.JPG IMG_4178.JPG IMG_4186.JPG IMG_4187.JPG IMG_4177.JPG IMG_4189.JPG IMG_4185.JPG IMG_4188.JPG IMG_4194.JPG IMG_4190.JPG IMG_4191.JPG IMG_4197.JPG IMG_4195.JPG IMG_4193.JPG IMG_4198.JPG IMG_4192.JPG IMG_4196.JPG IMG_4204.JPG IMG_4199.JPG IMG_4203.JPG IMG_4202.JPG IMG_4205.JPG IMG_4200.JPG IMG_4201.JPG

Class 6 using the nature area to explore their understanding of characterisation from their class reader.

IMG_4145.JPG IMG_4159.JPG IMG_4146.JPG IMG_4163.JPG IMG_4158.JPG IMG_4151.JPG

Problem Solving

This week, Year 6, took part in some difficult problem solving activities. Rearranging themselves on a bench without falling off, changing places in a hoop and moving the hoop round the circle.

IMG_4093.JPG IMG_4095.JPG IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4097.JPG IMG_4101.JPG IMG_4102.JPG IMG_4094.JPG IMG_4100.JPG IMG_4105.JPG IMG_4096.JPG IMG_4108.JPG IMG_4103.JPG IMG_4106.JPG IMG_4098.JPG IMG_4111.JPG IMG_4109.JPG IMG_4104.JPG IMG_4112.JPG IMG_4115.JPG IMG_4117.JPG IMG_4118.JPG IMG_4121.JPG IMG_4110.JPG IMG_4114.JPG IMG_4119.JPG IMG_4120.JPG IMG_4128.JPG IMG_4129.JPG IMG_4131.JPG IMG_4133.JPG IMG_4135.JPG IMG_4137.JPG IMG_4139.JPG IMG_4132.JPG IMG_4141.JPG IMG_4140.JPG IMG_4136.JPG IMG_4130.JPG IMG_4134.JPG


For Science, our new topic is Light. We looked at different materials sorting them in as many different ways as possible.

IMG_4125.JPG IMG_4127.JPG IMG_4122.JPG IMG_4123.JPG IMG_4126.JPG

Cooking traditional cake from Vanuatu

Year 6 enjoyed today using their measuring and cooking skills to make a traditional banana and coconut cake from Vanuatu. Each cake turned out very differently but they all tasted just as good! Most children loved trying the new recipe and all enjoyed cooking! We were even able to have a discussion on irreversible and reversible changes, using natural resources and following traditions passed down from generation to generation

IMG_3848.JPG IMG_3887.JPG IMG_3875.JPG IMG_3849.JPG IMG_3890.JPG IMG_3894.JPG IMG_3893.JPG IMG_3883.JPG IMG_3912.JPG IMG_3914.JPG IMG_3891.JPG IMG_3934.JPG IMG_3935.JPG IMG_3913.JPG IMG_3941.JPG IMG_3926.JPG IMG_3945.JPG IMG_3854.JPG IMG_3949.JPG IMG_3958.JPG IMG_3959.JPG IMG_3939.JPG IMG_3970.JPG IMG_3963.JPG IMG_3982.JPG IMG_3972.JPG IMG_3987.JPG IMG_3927.JPG IMG_4001.JPG IMG_3952.JPG IMG_3991.JPG IMG_4004.JPG IMG_3943.JPG IMG_3989.JPG IMG_4034.JPG IMG_4002.JPG IMG_4040.JPG IMG_4019.JPG IMG_4063.JPG IMG_E3914.JPG IMG_E3922.JPG IMG_E3918.JPG IMG_4057.JPG IMG_4013.JPG IMG_4012.JPG

Making Useful Models

Year 6 enjoyed designing and making their models to help the people of Vanuatu. They ranged from wind turbines to teaching robots.

IMG_3831.JPG IMG_3833.JPG IMG_3837.JPG IMG_3836.JPG IMG_3841.JPG IMG_3842.JPG IMG_3843.JPG IMG_3844.JPG IMG_3839.JPG IMG_3834.JPG IMG_3840.JPG IMG_3832.JPG

Year 6 enjoying the Gymnastic apparatus, they devised some very detailed sequences.

IMG_3761.JPG IMG_3762.JPG IMG_3763.JPG

Fossil Hunters

Today, Year 6 have been fossil hunters, extracting the chocolate chips from the cookie with different degrees of success! I think they have all decided on new jobs now!

IMG_3764.JPG IMG_3767.JPG IMG_3770.JPG IMG_3769.JPG IMG_3768.JPG IMG_3766.JPG IMG_3765.JPG

Investigating bird beaks

This afternoon, Year 6 experimented with different utensils imitating birds beaks to collect their food. The results were surprising. Year 6 found the spoon was the most versatile, picking up each kind of food quickly. We compared this to the beak of a pelican.

IMG_3724.JPG IMG_3727.JPG IMG_3726.JPG IMG_3730.JPG IMG_3732.JPG IMG_3728.JPG IMG_3725.JPG IMG_3734.JPG IMG_3731.JPG IMG_3736.JPG IMG_3729.JPG IMG_3737.JPG IMG_3738.JPG IMG_3742.JPG IMG_3740.JPG IMG_3741.JPG IMG_3743.JPG IMG_3746.JPG IMG_3735.JPG IMG_3739.JPG IMG_3744.JPG IMG_3751.JPG IMG_3754.JPG IMG_3747.JPG IMG_3748.JPG IMG_3755.JPG IMG_3753.JPG IMG_3759.JPG IMG_3760.JPG IMG_3756.JPG IMG_3757.JPG IMG_3750.JPG

Area and perimeter

Yr6 have been investigating the relationship between the area and perimeter of rectangles.

IMG_3665.JPG IMG_3668.JPG IMG_3672.JPG IMG_3666.JPG IMG_3673.JPG IMG_3664.JPG IMG_3667.JPG IMG_3671.JPG IMG_3677.JPG IMG_3674.JPG

Getting stuck in!

Year 6 were once again very busy in the nature area today. Using sand donated by Wickes and the tyres, they built stepping stones and two tyre tunnels. The tyre tunnels were not dry enough for us to try out just yet! But I can envisage a few Year 6s wanting to crawl through!

IMG_3636.JPG IMG_3638.JPG IMG_3639.JPG IMG_3637.JPG IMG_3640.JPG

Mastering Measurement

Year 6 enjoyed practical measuring today. They used a variety of equipment to measure accurately, having to read and analyse scales carefully. The use of trundle wheels caused the greatest excitement!

IMG_3604.JPG IMG_3602.JPG IMG_3603.JPG IMG_3601.JPG IMG_3606.JPG IMG_3609.JPG IMG_3611.JPG IMG_3610.JPG IMG_3605.JPG IMG_3614.JPG IMG_3613.JPG IMG_3607.JPG IMG_3615.JPG IMG_3608.JPG IMG_3618.JPG IMG_3621.JPG IMG_3620.JPG IMG_3622.JPG IMG_3619.JPG IMG_3625.JPG IMG_3626.JPG IMG_3617.JPG IMG_3623.JPG IMG_3624.JPG IMG_3612.JPG IMG_0150.JPG IMG_0155.JPG IMG_0149.JPG IMG_0154.JPG IMG_0151.JPG IMG_0156.JPG IMG_0159.JPG IMG_0161.JPG IMG_0163.JPG IMG_0164.JPG IMG_0158.JPG IMG_0148.JPG IMG_0157.JPG IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0168.JPG IMG_0169.JPG

Take a look around our Museums

IMG_3585.JPG IMG_3590.JPG IMG_3591.JPG IMG_3589.JPG IMG_3586.JPG IMG_3587.JPG IMG_3595.JPG IMG_3596.JPG IMG_3592.JPG IMG_3597.JPG IMG_3599.JPG IMG_3598.JPG IMG_3588.JPG

Beetle Museums

Today was the day that Year 6 had been waiting for - the day of making their Beetle Museum in a shoebox! They used many resources and creativity was at the forefront. There were some very interesting designs.

The tidying up at the end of the day was an experience!

Look out for the finished versions later.

IMG_3530.JPG IMG_3532.JPG IMG_3527.JPG IMG_3534.JPG IMG_3526.JPG IMG_3536.JPG IMG_3537.JPG IMG_3535.JPG IMG_3533.JPG IMG_3529.JPG IMG_3539.JPG IMG_3541.JPG IMG_3542.JPG IMG_3543.JPG IMG_3544.JPG IMG_3546.JPG IMG_3547.JPG IMG_3545.JPG IMG_3548.JPG IMG_3550.JPG IMG_3540.JPG IMG_3551.JPG IMG_3528.JPG IMG_3555.JPG IMG_3554.JPG IMG_3559.JPG IMG_3557.JPG IMG_3560.JPG IMG_3538.JPG IMG_3558.JPG IMG_3564.JPG IMG_3561.JPG IMG_3565.JPG IMG_3562.JPG IMG_3566.JPG IMG_3569.JPG IMG_3556.JPG IMG_3567.JPG IMG_3568.JPG IMG_3573.JPG IMG_3574.JPG IMG_3570.JPG IMG_3575.JPG IMG_3578.JPG IMG_3563.JPG IMG_3572.JPG IMG_3582.JPG IMG_3581.JPG IMG_3583.JPG IMG_3571.JPG IMG_3576.JPG IMG_3579.JPG

Beautiful Butterflies

As part of our recovery curriculum, the whole school have been making butterflies to display around the corridors and rooms. Year 6 enjoyed making theirs today and their artistic flair flourished.

IMG_3505.JPG IMG_3509.JPG IMG_3506.JPG IMG_3511.JPG IMG_3512.JPG IMG_3510.JPG IMG_3515.JPG IMG_3516.JPG IMG_3517.JPG IMG_3518.JPG IMG_3519.JPG IMG_3520.JPG IMG_3507.JPG IMG_3514.JPG IMG_3508.JPG IMG_3513.JPG

Exercise Experiment 20.11.20

Today, Year 6 designed their own experiments to test whether exercise affects their pulse rate. Their conclusions were a resounding yes. The heart pumps more oxygen around the body through the arteries as your muscles need oxygen to work harder.

IMG_3481.JPG IMG_3480.JPG IMG_3483.JPG IMG_3484.JPG IMG_3479.JPG IMG_3486.JPG IMG_3488.JPG IMG_3490.JPG IMG_3491.JPG IMG_3492.JPG IMG_3493.JPG IMG_3489.JPG IMG_3482.JPG IMG_3485.JPG IMG_3487.JPG

Smores and Tyres!

After all their hard work this morning, Year 6 definitely had earnt their smores this afternoon. We were enjoying playing in the nature area when a delivery of tyres for us to use and play with arrived. Forming a chain, the tyres didn't take too long to unload! Thank you to Uncle Tom's, Purdeys Way for their generous donation of tyres for us to use.

IMG_3436.JPG IMG_3441.JPG IMG_3440.JPG IMG_3448.JPG IMG_3444.JPG IMG_3450.JPG IMG_3451.JPG IMG_3455.JPG IMG_3439.JPG IMG_3452.JPG IMG_3454.JPG IMG_3457.JPG IMG_3456.JPG IMG_3458.JPG IMG_3449.JPG IMG_3462.JPG IMG_3463.JPG IMG_3464.JPG IMG_3461.JPG IMG_3459.JPG IMG_3466.JPG IMG_3468.JPG IMG_3465.JPG IMG_3467.JPG IMG_3460.JPG IMG_3472.JPG IMG_3474.JPG IMG_3471.JPG IMG_3475.JPG IMG_3469.JPG IMG_3473.JPG IMG_3476.JPG IMG_3470.JPG

Dexterous Digging

Year 6 had a very busy day in the nature area. They dug and dug and dug! The dinner ladies found them very quiet at lunchtime as they all recovered!

Well done Year 6 and thank you for making the nature area tidy and so much fun for others to play in!

IMG_3383.JPG IMG_3384.JPG IMG_3388.JPG IMG_3391.JPG IMG_3390.JPG IMG_3393.JPG IMG_3392.JPG IMG_3386.JPG IMG_3395.JPG IMG_3394.JPG IMG_3385.JPG IMG_3396.JPG IMG_3397.JPG IMG_3403.JPG IMG_3405.JPG IMG_3406.JPG IMG_3407.JPG IMG_3408.JPG IMG_3402.JPG IMG_3410.JPG IMG_3411.JPG IMG_3413.JPG IMG_3412.JPG IMG_3409.JPG IMG_3414.JPG IMG_3416.JPG IMG_3418.JPG IMG_3415.JPG IMG_3419.JPG IMG_3421.JPG IMG_3399.JPG IMG_3425.JPG IMG_3398.JPG IMG_3429.JPG IMG_3417.JPG IMG_3423.JPG IMG_3430.JPG IMG_3432.JPG IMG_3431.JPG IMG_3433.JPG IMG_3434.JPG IMG_3427.JPG

PE Challenge

As part of Children in Need, Year 6 took part in the Joe Wick's PE challenge. Schools across the country joined him for the last 20 minutes of his 24 hour challenge!

IMG_3361.JPG IMG_3356.JPG IMG_3357.JPG IMG_3359.JPG IMG_3364.JPG IMG_3365.JPG IMG_3362.JPG IMG_3358.JPG IMG_3360.JPG IMG_3363.JPG

Beetle Boy

Year 6 have enjoyed writing stories based around our book, Beetle Boy. They have typed out their favourite parts of their story. We all hope you enjoy reading them!

IMG_3349.JPG IMG_3343.JPG IMG_3346.JPG IMG_3347.JPG IMG_3348.JPG IMG_3341.JPG IMG_3350.JPG IMG_3345.JPG IMG_3354.JPG IMG_3344.JPG IMG_3355.JPG IMG_3353.JPG IMG_3342.JPG IMG_3351.JPG IMG_3352.JPG IMG_3373.JPG IMG_3368.JPG IMG_3371.JPG IMG_3378.JPG IMG_3377.JPG IMG_3372.JPG IMG_3379.JPG IMG_3375.JPG IMG_3380.JPG

Wonderful Webs

IMG_3331.JPG IMG_3329.JPG IMG_3332.JPG IMG_3327.JPG IMG_3330.JPG IMG_3333.JPG IMG_3337.JPG IMG_3334.JPG IMG_3338.JPG IMG_3339.JPG IMG_3336.JPG IMG_3328.JPG IMG_3340.JPG IMG_3335.JPG

Spiders Webs

As part of Outdoor learning day, Year 6 started to make Spiders webs. They learnt how to frap and wrap a picture frame and tied knots in different designs to make their spider's web. We will show you our finished versions when ready but in the meantime enjoy these making photos.

IMG_3274.JPG IMG_3276.JPG IMG_3277.JPG IMG_3278.JPG IMG_3282.JPG IMG_3280.JPG IMG_3281.JPG IMG_3285.JPG IMG_3284.JPG IMG_3283.JPG IMG_3279.JPG IMG_3286.JPG IMG_3292.JPG IMG_3293.JPG IMG_3287.JPG IMG_3294.JPG IMG_3275.JPG IMG_3297.JPG IMG_3296.JPG IMG_3316.JPG IMG_3289.JPG IMG_3288.JPG IMG_3326.JPG IMG_3295.JPG IMG_3325.JPG

Makings nets of shapes

Year 6 enjoyed investigating and making nets of shapes today.

One challenge was to find as many nets of a cube as possible.

IMG_3264.JPG IMG_3262.JPG IMG_3267.JPG IMG_3271.JPG IMG_3272.JPG IMG_3273.JPG IMG_3263.JPG IMG_3270.JPG IMG_3265.JPG IMG_3266.JPG

Mexican treats shared by Year 6!

IMG_3101.JPG IMG_3102.JPG IMG_3104.JPG IMG_3103.JPG IMG_3097.JPG IMG_3098.JPG IMG_3099.JPG

Shape Quizzes

Year 6 solved shape quizzes today and then designed their own. They tried to make them as tricky as possible for their peers!

IMG_3105.JPG IMG_3109.JPG IMG_3106.JPG IMG_3110.JPG IMG_3112.JPG IMG_3114.JPG IMG_3108.JPG IMG_3107.JPG IMG_3111.JPG IMG_3115.JPG IMG_3113.JPG

Here are some of our shape quizzes - why not try them out. On some pages, we have been lovely and given you the answers!

IMG_3119.JPG IMG_3121.JPG IMG_3122.JPG IMG_3120.JPG IMG_3123.JPG IMG_3124.JPG IMG_3116.JPG

Classifying Animals

Today, Year 6 classified a variety of animals into different groups. They studied the work of Carl Linnaeus to help them. Even though Carl's work was from 1760, it is still used today.

IMG_3063.JPG IMG_3064.JPG IMG_3062.JPG IMG_3072.JPG IMG_3065.JPG IMG_3076.JPG IMG_3067.JPG IMG_3073.JPG IMG_3080.JPG IMG_3081.JPG IMG_3078.JPG IMG_3066.JPG IMG_3079.JPG IMG_3068.JPG

Year 6 enjoyed translating shapes today.

IMG_2939.JPG IMG_2944.JPG IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2940.JPG IMG_2941.JPG IMG_2949.JPG IMG_2945.JPG IMG_2947.JPG IMG_2946.JPG IMG_2943.JPG IMG_2948.JPG IMG_2950.JPG IMG_2942.JPG IMG_2952.JPG

What a wonderful view!

After yesterday's visit to the beach, Year 6 created their own landscape pictures.

IMG_2930.JPG IMG_2934.JPG IMG_2931.JPG

Clever at Co-ordinates

Today, in Maths Year 6 learnt about co-ordinates. They played battleships and enjoyed this lesson. We moved our learning outside to finding objects hidden around the school grounds using co-ordinates. Success and fun was had by all!

IMG_2924.JPG IMG_2903.JPG IMG_2911.JPG IMG_2916.JPG IMG_2920.JPG IMG_2921.JPG IMG_2926.JPG IMG_2927.JPG IMG_2905.JPG IMG_2910.JPG IMG_2913.JPG IMG_2907.JPG

Thursday, 8th October - Beach Trip

Today, in unusual weather conditions (rain!) year 6 visited the Cliffs and the beach. We discussed the pier- its uses and why it was built. Many of the children said they had never visited the pier so perhaps this would be a great family day out!

We discussed the important work of the RNLI and the vocation and commitment they show. A programme I signposted the children to is, Saving Lives at Sea. If they could watch even part of this, it shows the invaluable work of the RNLI.

After a delicious lunch (thank you parents!), we moved onto the beach. Here, we performed a scavenger hunt, made mosaic art work and generally played. The rain did not deter us and we were able to watch the tide approaching and the changing scenery.

Thank you Year 6 for a great day out!

Mrs Miller, Mrs Green, Mrs Monahan

IMG_2779.JPG IMG_2783.JPG IMG_2789.JPG IMG_2787.JPG IMG_2791.JPG IMG_2796.JPG IMG_2801.JPG IMG_2792.JPG IMG_2803.JPG IMG_2807.JPG IMG_2794.JPG IMG_2804.JPG IMG_2808.JPG IMG_2824.JPG IMG_2821.JPG IMG_2830.JPG IMG_2831.JPG IMG_2833.JPG IMG_2829.JPG IMG_2834.JPG IMG_2785.JPG IMG_2836.JPG IMG_2843.JPG IMG_2844.JPG IMG_2848.JPG IMG_2795.JPG IMG_2851.JPG IMG_2856.JPG IMG_2861.JPG IMG_2864.JPG IMG_2853.JPG IMG_2870.JPG IMG_2820.JPG IMG_2867.JPG IMG_2835.JPG IMG_2882.JPG IMG_2832.JPG IMG_2874.JPG


Following on from our detective work earlier in the term, Year 6 spent the afternoon studying fingerprints. They also looked at footprints gaining information. After this, they moved onto looking at handwriting and fake signatures! Year 6 proved themselves to be adept detectives.

IMG_2763.JPG IMG_2742.JPG IMG_2748.JPG IMG_2744.JPG IMG_2750.JPG IMG_2749.JPG IMG_2743.JPG IMG_2751.JPG IMG_2746.JPG IMG_2754.JPG IMG_2752.JPG IMG_2756.JPG IMG_2758.JPG IMG_2747.JPG IMG_2762.JPG IMG_2755.JPG IMG_2753.JPG IMG_2766.JPG IMG_2761.JPG IMG_2764.JPG IMG_2757.JPG

An afternoon of hard work and good fun!

Year 6 undertook an afternoon of jobs on Thursday. They needed to repaint the fences before the winter comes. Thank you Wickes for the donation of green paint. Also, we levelled out the area around the pond- removing stinging nettles and various other plants - preparing the ground for more bark. Thanks Year 6 for all your hard work!

IMG_2740.JPG IMG_2728.JPG IMG_2688.JPG IMG_2677.JPG IMG_2687.JPG IMG_2699.JPG IMG_2698.JPG IMG_2680.JPG IMG_2705.JPG IMG_2702.JPG IMG_2706.JPG IMG_2692.JPG IMG_2715.JPG IMG_2717.JPG IMG_2718.JPG IMG_2707.JPG IMG_2721.JPG IMG_2722.JPG IMG_2724.JPG IMG_2726.JPG IMG_2727.JPG IMG_2686.JPG IMG_2731.JPG IMG_2729.JPG IMG_2732.JPG IMG_2709.JPG IMG_2719.JPG IMG_2735.JPG IMG_2701.JPG IMG_2737.JPG IMG_2736.JPG

Homework - Book Review

This week, for homework, Year 6 have been asked to design and write a book review. it can be about any book and include any details they wish - favourite information/character/part of book. Why they enjoyed it? Brief story synopsis. Would they recommend it to others and why?

Could they write this up and decorate it ready to go on display please. Thank you.


Amazing Artwork

Year 6 have been busy drawing one point perspective pictures and vanishing points.

IMG_2669.JPG IMG_2668.JPG IMG_2670.JPG

Surprising Science
Thursday, 17th September

Today, Year 6 experimented by mixing cornflour and water together to make beetle blood. We noticed that when we put energy on the mixture, it turned into a solid but when we left it, it was a liquid. This is called a neo-newtonian fluid as it acts as a solid and liquid.

IMG_2659.JPG IMG_2609.JPG IMG_2613.JPG IMG_2611.JPG IMG_2618.JPG IMG_2610.JPG IMG_2620.JPG IMG_2615.JPG IMG_2623.JPG IMG_2621.JPG IMG_2614.JPG IMG_2624.JPG IMG_2619.JPG IMG_2612.JPG IMG_2638.JPG IMG_2635.JPG IMG_2636.JPG IMG_2648.JPG IMG_2645.JPG IMG_2651.JPG IMG_2650.JPG IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2655.JPG IMG_2656.JPG IMG_2658.JPG IMG_2652.JPG IMG_2660.JPG IMG_2634.JPG IMG_2662.JPG IMG_2666.JPG IMG_2657.JPG IMG_2633.JPG

Mystery solved

Year 6 undertook some detective work today. Someone had disappeared and there were certain clues left! Ask your children to explain what clues were recovered. Year 6 described a setting based upon what they had seen.

Good detective work year 6!

IMG_2599.JPG IMG_2604.JPG IMG_2600.JPG IMG_2606.JPG IMG_2607.JPG IMG_2608.JPG IMG_2603.JPG IMG_2602.JPG IMG_2601.JPG IMG_2605.JPG

Investigating Balance

Year 6 enjoyed experimenting with balancing cans today. They asked questions :

Does the amount of liquid affect the balance?

Does the type of can affect the balance?

They found some surprising results.

IMG_2587.JPG IMG_2590.JPG IMG_2580.JPG IMG_2588.JPG IMG_2593.JPG IMG_2594.JPG IMG_2591.JPG IMG_2592.JPG IMG_2596.JPG IMG_2589.JPG IMG_2595.JPG IMG_2597.JPG IMG_2586.JPG

Sorting Shapes

Year 6 enjoyed learning about shapes today and sorting them according to their properties. Lovely to be outside in the sun!

IMG_2572.JPG IMG_2574.JPG IMG_2571.JPG IMG_2576.JPG IMG_2579.JPG IMG_2575.JPG IMG_2573.JPG IMG_2577.JPG IMG_2578.JPG
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