Welcome to Class 2

Class 2 Seahorses Teacher: Miss Anderson

Learning Support Assistant:
Mrs Clarke
Mrs Hardcastle

Class 2 Oysters Teacher: Mrs Marshall

Learning Support Assistant:
Mrs Hawthorne
Mrs Britt


The latest news from Year 2

Wear Something Red Day

2 Seahorses enjoyed icing some biscuits for Red Nose Day.

IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0201.JPG

Shrove Tuesday

In year 2 we had our own 'Shrove Tuesday' while we were learning about the start of Lent in RE.

IMG_0047.JPG IMG_0058.JPG IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0052.JPG

Science Week

The children in Year 2 were innovating ways for 'Jack' to escape from the Giant using zip wires and parachutes.

IMG_3566.JPG IMG_3576.JPG IMG_3569.JPG IMG_3568.JPG IMG_3582.JPG IMG_3604.JPG IMG_3611.JPG IMG_3614.JPG IMG_3565.JPG IMG_3579.JPG IMG_3561.JPG IMG_3586.JPG IMG_0008.JPG IMG_0010.JPG IMG_0011.JPG IMG_0007 - Copy.JPG IMG_0007.JPG IMG_0013.JPG IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0012.JPG

The Story of Creation

Another beautiful window by the Year 2 children.



IMG_0708.JPG IMG_0710.JPG IMG_0713.JPG IMG_0709.JPG IMG_0711.JPG IMG_0717.JPG IMG_0716.JPG IMG_0714.JPG IMG_0718.JPG IMG_0721.JPG IMG_0719.JPG IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0712.JPG IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0720.JPG


Noah's Ark Stained Glass Window

The children in Year 2 have made the most beautiful stained glass window of Noah's Ark which links to their RE topic of Stories in the Bible.

They have also been studying stained glass windows in their Castles topic.

Home Learning

Agata.jpg Laura.jpg Alex.jpg Sophie.jpg

2.12.20 - 2 Seahorses making homes and dens in the Nature Area

IMG_0006 (1).JPG IMG_0305 (1).jpg IMG_0313 (1).jpg IMG_0010 (3).jpg IMG_0319 (1).jpg IMG_0008 (1).jpg IMG_0331 (1).jpg IMG_0332 (1).jpg IMG_0336 (1).jpg IMG_0291 (1).jpg IMG_0300 (1).jpg IMG_0330 (1).jpg IMG_0339 (1).jpg IMG_0341 (1).jpg IMG_0314.jpg IMG_0343 (1).jpg IMG_0338 (1).jpg IMG_0342 (1).jpg IMG_0337 (1).jpg

Best butterflies

2 Oysters have making butterflies out of natural materials found in the nature area.

We think their creations are wonderful.

IMG_3060.JPG IMG_3070.JPG IMG_3066.JPG IMG_3073.JPG IMG_3106.JPG IMG_3091.JPG IMG_3095.JPG IMG_3092.JPG IMG_3096.JPG IMG_3098.JPG IMG_3104.JPG IMG_3089.JPG IMG_3110.JPG IMG_3105.JPG IMG_3097.JPG IMG_3099.JPG

Outdoor Classroom Day

Year 2 Oysters enjoying being outside.

IMG_2344.JPG IMG_2359.JPG IMG_2360.JPG IMG_2355.JPG IMG_2343.JPG IMG_2368.JPG IMG_2374.JPG

4th November - Nature Area

Today, Seahorses went outside to the nature area for the whole day. What a day they had! Beautiful weather and fun and games!

They experienced a fire - listening carefully to the sounds, smelling the fire and using all our senses to describe the fire. They enjoyed smores!

After this, they tested different materials and played a guessing game with their friends.

What a busy day! They should sleep well tonight!

IMG_3148 - Copy.JPG IMG_3126.JPG IMG_3129.JPG IMG_3134.JPG IMG_3132.JPG IMG_3136.JPG IMG_3137.JPG IMG_3139.JPG IMG_3131.JPG IMG_3140.JPG IMG_3138.JPG IMG_3143.JPG IMG_3146 - Copy.JPG IMG_3147 - Copy.JPG IMG_3150 - Copy.JPG IMG_3145 - Copy.JPG IMG_3153.JPG IMG_3144 - Copy.JPG IMG_3152 - Copy.JPG IMG_3163 - Copy.JPG IMG_3166.JPG IMG_3142.JPG IMG_3172.JPG IMG_3173.JPG IMG_3128.JPG IMG_3170.JPG IMG_3177.JPG IMG_3165.JPG IMG_3176.JPG IMG_3180.JPG IMG_3181.JPG IMG_3182.JPG IMG_3179.JPG IMG_3175.JPG IMG_3178.JPG IMG_3187.JPG IMG_3159 - Copy.JPG IMG_3191.JPG IMG_3186.JPG IMG_3193.JPG IMG_3197.JPG IMG_3192.JPG IMG_3184.JPG IMG_3200.JPG IMG_3183.JPG IMG_3195.JPG IMG_3202.JPG IMG_3208.JPG IMG_3206.JPG IMG_3213.JPG IMG_3216 - Copy - Copy.JPG IMG_3199.JPG IMG_3217 - Copy - Copy.JPG IMG_3218.JPG IMG_3210.JPG IMG_3225.JPG IMG_3220 - Copy.JPG IMG_3203.JPG IMG_3226.JPG IMG_3229.JPG IMG_3231.JPG IMG_3227.JPG IMG_3233.JPG IMG_3234.JPG IMG_3235.JPG IMG_3228.JPG IMG_3237.JPG IMG_3239.JPG IMG_3238.JPG IMG_3242.JPG IMG_3245 - Copy.JPG IMG_3250 - Copy.JPG IMG_3232.JPG IMG_3252 - Copy.JPG IMG_3214 - Copy - Copy.JPG IMG_3219 - Copy - Copy.JPG IMG_3259.JPG IMG_3255 - Copy.JPG IMG_3253 - Copy.JPG IMG_3241.JPG IMG_3260.JPG IMG_3257 - Copy.JPG

Class 2 Seahorses go dotty!

In Seahorses we have been looking at Roy Lichtenstein and his Ben Day Dot technique. We have created pictures using his style and were only using complimentary colours.

IMG_2597.JPG IMG_2593.JPG IMG_2599.JPG IMG_2595.JPG

Class 2 Oysters having a great time in the Nature Area

IMG_1709.JPG IMG_1698.JPG IMG_1713.JPG IMG_1656.JPG IMG_1668.JPG

Welcome to your New Classes 2 Seahorses and 2 Oysters

Click below to view the Powerpoints.

News from 2019 - 2020

We love this super painting!

IMG_20200605_122546.jpg IMG_20200605_115936.jpg IMG_20200605_121109.jpg IMG_20200605_120918.jpg
IMG-20200331-WA0007.jpg IMG_3070.jpg 23D283BF-6D58-40BA-B25E-0BEBC074239E.jpeg Painting.jpg Gardening 2.jpg 20200331_141041.jpg Birdhouse.jpg EB5CD86E-D03D-404E-BD48-66BEF662A59E.jpeg

Constructing Castles

As part of their topic homework, 2 Seahorses have made some fantastic Castles.


Tree Planting

As part of the Woodland Trust Plant a Tree day, Year 6 organised for years 1 and 2 to plant our trees.

57 trees were planted around the school grounds. Grass was removed, soil dug over, holes dug, trees planted, canes put in to support and protective covers were put around the new saplings.

Hopefully many of the trees will take hold and grow with the classes who planted them!

IMG_0543.JPG IMG_0555.JPG IMG_0551.JPG IMG_0547.JPG IMG_0524.JPG
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