Sports Day Monday, 22nd July 2019

Jul 17, 2019, 8:35 AM

As we approach our Sports Day on Monday, 22nd July please bear in mind the Partnership Sporting Pledge.

We are all looking forward to a wonderful day. Please remember to check your packed lunch choice for the day as we are all going to have a shared picnic. Children in Hedgehogs and Squirrels will be able to join siblings for the picnic lunch.

Partnership Sporting Pledge 2019-2020

We, the child, the teacher, the official and the spectator, shall show good sporting behaviour towards everyone. We pledge to have respect every day, in every sport and for everyone. Accepting victory and defeat graciously, treating everyone fairly, speaking considerately and politely and accepting official’s rules and decisions without complaining. We shall abide by the rules of the event. We shall applaud achievements and perseverance, giving positive comments throughout, to competitors, officials, teachers and spectators.

Don’t be the one, to spoil the fun.

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