Queen's Commonwealth Canopy

Apr 27, 2018, 1:04 PM

The grounds of our school our starting to be refurbished. Following on from the "Queen's Commonwealth Canopy" project that involves all countries of the Commonwealth creating a forest canopy to protect the World's environment due to the amount of trees that have been destroyed, the Rainbow Room children are planting trees that have been kindly donated by Mrs Faulkner, around the school. The first trees have been planted by Year 6 pupils who will be leaving our school in July.

The outside classroom areas are being redesigned by the children as well. The Rainbow Garden is being turned into an all year round garden for the children to partake in growing flowers, vegetables and fruit throughout the seasons.

We are very lucky that local businesses have been approached and asked if they would help our school. Montrose Tree Surgeons of Hamlet Court Road have kindly donated wood chippings. The Director of the company, Robert was extremely happy to donate the chippings and offer any advice on tree planting. He is happy to continue to support the school. If any parents/carers have any unwanted trees (saplings) or shrubs they would like to donate to the school please contact Mrs Howe.

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