Happy Easter!

Mar 29, 2018, 7:16 AM

We wish you all a very happy and holy Easter. Thank you to all our Class 3 and 4 children for a very thoughtful Easter performance with beautiful singing.

IMG_7132.JPG IMG_7133.JPG IMG_7135.JPG IMG_7141.JPG IMG_7146.JPG IMG_7149.JPG IMG_7131.JPG IMG_7150.JPG IMG_7151.JPG IMG_7152.JPG IMG_7156.JPG IMG_7159.JPG IMG_7153.JPG IMG_7148.JPG IMG_7162.JPG IMG_7160.JPG IMG_7163.JPG IMG_7165.JPG IMG_7161.JPG IMG_7168.JPG IMG_7169.JPG IMG_7134.JPG IMG_7172.JPG IMG_7176.JPG IMG_7170.JPG IMG_7178.JPG IMG_7180.JPG IMG_7179.JPG IMG_7181.JPG IMG_7183.JPG IMG_7174.JPG IMG_7130.JPG IMG_7164.JPG
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